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Big Dave and the Ultrasonics-NO SWEAT! LIVE

(Schoolkid's Records)

A fury of jump blues and delta blues blended together as some of the best rip roaring live blues ever recorded. Captured live in Bowling Green, Ohio, and their hometown of Ann Arbor, Big Dave and the Ultrasonics get down and dirty doing a combination of originals and covers of blues and R&B standards. Standing out is the superb harmonica playing of Dave Morris, which ranks up there with the late Sonny Boy Williamson. A blues burner.

- Al Slavicsky


(Nothing/Interscope Records)

Tympanic urban industrial beats mixed with a ubiquitous display of unadulterated European jungle style rhythms over an ambient psychedelic groove is the best way to describe Meat Beat Manifesto's unique sound. Combining the harshness of NIN, the scratchiness of De La Soul, the melodies of Depeche Mode, and the heavy samples of Skinny Puppy, Subliminal Sandwich delivers two discs of optimum diverse sounds.

- Al Slavicsky


(Sire Records)

You could have fooled me! Their press material claims this gritty, soulful rock trio hails from New York City, but their musical roots are most definitely closer to the Louisiana bayou! A nice blend of rockers, ballads, and country blues with more than a nod to CCR.

- Eric Harabadian



14 live tracks that really vary much in style. Some of the artists include Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dave Matthews Band, Little Feat, James Taylor, Booker T & the MG's, and Lou Reed. A great mix of great artists.

- Tom DeMann

The Radiators-NEW DARK AGES

(What Are Records?)

The Radiators have been around for almost 20 years and are the best kept secret in the music world today. Reminds one of Hootie and the Blowfish a la New Orleans R&B style. Flows into the mainstream while travelling through the high waters of the blues. If you like Hootie, ZZ Top, or real down home Louisiana swamp rock with a blues flare, The Radiators are ready to cook up the blues with a dash of tabasco sauce -- extremely hot.

- Al Slavicsky


(Strange Fruit)

The Orb's atmospheric, spaced-out, electronic psychedelia is captured on this disc of their more recent appearances on Radio 1 in England. Crickets, rolling bass lines, obscure samples, intricate rhythms, and trippy effects are the Orb's trademarks; this is not dull ambient music. Perfect for when reality is a bore. All listeners (Orb-heads and those on their first adventure beyond the ultra-world) beware track 2: Alex Paterson singing?

- brijawi

Ronnie Dawson-JUST ROCKIN' & ROLLIN'

(Upstart Records)

With a vintage 1950s rockabilly sound mixed with a heavy dose of country twang, Ronnie Dawson proves he is a major shaker of roots rock revival. Reminds one of what the Cramps fusing with Southern Culture On the Skids might sound like unpolished. Strong 1950s overtones throughout this monophonic release of killer rock and roll.

- Al Slavicsky

Barkmarket-L RON

(American Recordings)

Whoa, mama! This cassette packs more wallop than Mike Tyson after several repeated rounds. "Visible Cow" starts the whole shebang with its outrageousness, and most of the other material definitely follows suit. One listen to L Ron will let you know that Barkmarket isn't barking up the wrong tree with this one. Bow wow!

- The Wild Card

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