"Eat at Joe's"

by Joe Szilvagyi

Squirrel Nut Zippers-HOT

(Mammoth Records)

Good Tunes: The Zippers went to New Orleans to add even more spice to their brand of swing for this album. If this doesn't get your toes tapping, check for a pulse.

Bad Note: There isn't a huge display for this album at any of the stores I've been to.

Other Riffs: This is another one of those cool discs with multimedia thrown in. Watch the Squirrel Nut Zippers play on Conan O'Brien's show.


(Wax Trax Records)

Good Tunes: The addition of Ministry alumni Chris Connelly and Bill Rieflin has given KMFDM more power than ever before and much needed structure.

Bad Notes: It took KMFDM 10 years to learn to make a CD that isn't repetitious noise the whole way through.

Other Riffs: Graphic design and marketing continue with a bold, in-your-face style to match the music.


(London Recordings)

Good Tunes: With samples, crunchy guitars, tape loops, and ferocious vocals, Grotus reminds us what it is to be one of a billion. Small, that is.

Bad Notes: A few tracks fall into the mindless, repetitive category. I think it's a requirement for the style.

Other Riffs: I'm pretty sure that Grotus intentionally picks cover art that makes me queasy. Just the colors they use.


(Cold Meat Industry)

Good Tunes: This is seventy minutes of Gothic, mood-setting music. Perfect background for any time you want to feel creepy.

Bad Notes: Don't look for dynamic composition here. Everything is very tempered and easy to ignore.

Other Riffs: I never realized that there were so many different artists producing music this dark.

Patti Smith-GONE AGAIN

(Arista Records)

Good Notes: Angry storytelling at its finest. Patti weaves tales of anger and sorrow that draw the listener in.

Bad Notes: She's been around since 1975, and this is the first I've heard these simple, powerful tunes.

Other Riffs: Slip cover photo by one of my idols, Annie Leibovitz.


(Universal Records)

Good Tunes: The soaring vocals on this recording are chased by thunderous guitars striking a balance that leaves just good music.

Bad Notes: Don't try listening to this disc on a cheap stereo. The highs almost cut my head off.

Other Riffs: John has done arrangements for and played with the Indigo Girls on Swamp Ophelia.

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