"Limblifter: Pop 'Til You Drop"

by Kim Hunt

Interview by Geoff Wilbur

Catchy, melodious hooks and a happy day at the beach are my first two thoughts when I think of Limblifter's debut, self-titled release. "Wow!" With "alternative" being mainstream nowadays, I had given up on actually hearing a band with original sounds and ideas; Limblifter is a pleasant surprise. These three lads from Canada, brothers Ryan and Kurt Dahle plus Ian Somers, have crafted an album with short bursts of pure pop genius: most of the tunes are under four minutes! Geoff Wilbur spoke with Ian Somers about the band's origins and where they're headed.

"I think it can be comparable to a band like Nirvana," says Ian, " in as much as it can be comparable to a band like The Beatles, in a way that it's short pop songs with a lot of hooks and a lot of melody, based around melody and vocals." Ian and Ryan both played guitar with different bands before forming Limblifter. Ian took up bass and encouraged Ryan to sing; Kurt came along, and the band recorded a demo, which was heard by a friend in the music business up in Vancouver, BC. "We had an album's worth of songs in a couple of months... we got to work in an empty studio over Christmas for free!" says Ian. They soon landed a deal with PolyGram Records, and, like they say, the rest is history.

How does Ian see the band's success, after hitting the alternative radio airwaves? "I don't really read magazines, and I don't even read our own interviews. I've always just kinda been like that!" says Ian, with a laugh. "Before, it was just that I didn't care, but now I almost make a conscious effort not to read it... it kinda sways my opinion!"

Nothing can sway my opinion about this band; from the opening "Vicious" (which sounds anything BUT) to the melancholic yet still poppy "Screwed It Up," Limblifter creates a definite upbeat mood and leaves you singing. At the time of the interview, they were touring with Stanford Prison Experiment and Local H; if you get a chance, don't miss out on this pop bliss!

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