"The Best Unsigned Bands"

by Geoff Wilbur

I have uncovered many outstanding unsigned bands since I began my writing career. Every issue, I bring you up to date on the bands who I consider to be among the BEST 5 TO 10 PERCENT of the current unsigned crop -- bands who, in my opinion, are at the top of their genres. So here's an update on...

The Best Unsigned Bands!

Solid Ground (Grand Rapids, MI) is scheduled to open for Alabama at the Allegan County Fair September 9th. The band also has another trip to Nashville planned this fall.

The Syn D'Cats (Harrisburg, PA) deliver a powerful, catchy brand of blues rock.

Tiles (Trenton, MI) recently opened for the Galactic Cowboys and King's X. In June, Tiles' CD received an A- rating from STRIKTLY FOR KONISSUERS, the widely read AOR e-zine. (To subscribe to SFK, send a message to, thecompany@aol.com and it'll be delivered free to you via e-mail every week.)

Check out the next issue for updates on the above bands, other bands who have graced this space in past issues, and new bands I discover!

Best Unsigned Band Alumni

19 Wheels (East Lansing, MI) just inked a one album deal with Aware Records.

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