"Mercury's Neal Coty Takes a Chance"

by April Hampton

Listening to the new Neal Coty CD, CHANCE AND CIRCUMSTANCE, it's obvious he is a man who sprang from a small town in the mountains and has mixed with many talents in the music scene since.

Coty started writing poetry at an early age and has put music with it creating the record, CHANCE AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Playing various clubs and concert events as a young adult he has gained much of the experience that shines through on his new album.

Listening to his disc you'll realize Coty is a musical storyteller who'll make you feel like you've been a part of his stark and sometimes violent journey. He sings about things in life that most people take for granted and brings out the significance. CHANCE AND CIRCUMSTANCE is the perfect soundtrack for a ride through the country or small town.

The first release, "Tainted," can be heard on various radio stations ranging from rock to triple A and modern rock formats. "Tainted" is a song people will be sure to love. It has a catchy appeal and witty lyrics that begin with the first line, "Lyin' here in isolation, Guilty by infatuation." A couple more tracks that caught my attention are "Hey Lucy" and "Heaven in the Dark." While "Chance and Circumstance" is good for quiet introspective moments Coty promises it'll be no "lazy singer song night" to see him live!

Coty has performed with many artists during his road of experience, including Concrete Blonde, which is surprising with his Bruce Springsteen, CCR, and Rolling Stone influences. One of his most magical moments was jammin' with the legendary Dr. John, a New Orleans blues and soul piano player.

The Neal Coty U.S. tour will begin in Nashville, Tennessee with a live radio broadcast September 7th. Coty looks forward to playing in the smaller concert venues so he can "look people in the eye and feel the vibe."

Neal Coty is a strong musician with a capturing talent to write and a person with a promising career ahead of him. To catch more information about his music or tour dates visit his website at WWW.mercurynashville.com.

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