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2123A S. 2nd St., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
This is a self-produced album from a band out of Florida. It has a wonderful folk ballad core surrounded by a lighter pop tune feel. I haven't decided whether it's folk or pop but I know it's not rock and roll. The songwriters are also the musicians and you can feel the story in the music. I like the variety of instruments I heard in each song and the supporting vocals really complement the total sound. I think the real lesson on this CD it that happiness in no laughing matter. Great sound for local talent but I'd be afraid of the big city spitting them out.

- Rebecca Szilvagyi


The Tahoe Agency, P.O. Box 11388, Tahoe Paradise, CA 96155
The music of the Twistoffs has been described as "quirky" and as "eclectic circus rock". Both are accurate descriptions of this sampling of songs from the Kent, OH-based band's third CD. The songs are full of guitar and horn hooks, catchy melodies, and impressive vocals (including standout vocal harmonies on "Burning") that showcase the extensive musical talents of the seven Twistoffs.

- Cathy Clause


P.O. Box 75, Trenton, MI 48183
Detroit's hottest progressive rock band, Tiles, has released a new disc of its Rush-recalling, talent-rich musical voyage. Song lengths range from a 50 second-long instrumental ("Gabby's Happy Song") to a 14:43 musical opus ("Checkerboards"). The vocals soar over top of some amazing guitarwork. Yep, definitely a progressive rock band, and, given the level of musicianship and songwriting skill, clearly a one of prog rock's elite.

- Geoff Wilbur

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P.O. Box 331, Pigeon, MI 48755-0331
This ten track demo from Gypsy Wind displays an uptempo blend of modern country with southern rock influences, from the opening cut "Good Country Music" with its fast driving rhythm through the closing lament of "I'm Broke." Strong writing, solid musicianship, and plenty of hooks help draw you in; the trading of vocals between male and female help round out this impressive project. Gypsy Wind shows plenty of promise, and while they may not be the most polished country band on the circuit, they display the tools to become just that, and this demo should provide a big boost... give it a spin.

- Shane Copher

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