"Slavicsky's Smorgasbord"

by Al Slavicsky

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American Machine Records, Inc.
As powerful as Pantera, as strong as Crowbar, and as violent as East Coast hardcore, Scapegoat delivers a good release reflecting the hardship of the world today. By using many different studio techniques, the band creates a style all their own; for example, using a tape rewinding at the beginning of the CD and using cartoon effects on "Not My Fault." Also includes an impressive instrumental called "Overlook." Scapegoat is not a scapegoat of today's bland music.

Scared of Chaka-SCARED OF CHAKA

702 Records
Back to the basic punk music in the vein of the Dickies, Screeching Weasels, or the Queers, Scared of Chaka creates one of the best sounding punk releases since Green Day's KERPLUNK release. Great production, understandable vocals, and a great mix where we can hear the drums, guitars, and bass, not overpowering the vocals. This is one band to watch out for.

Raliegh Theodore Sakers-UNCUT tape

Skunk Records
Insane spoken word from a demented subgenius of today's counterpunk culture. Raliegh takes a turn into dementia and deals with topics such as history, sex, religion, work ethics, love, and much more. For almost 45 minutes, this lunatic from the insane asylum babbles and babbles about what he thinks is the truth. Controversial sometimes; intelligent at others; Timothy Leary-like in nature at others; screwed up most of the time.


Fat Possum/Capricorn Records
Pass me a plate of grits and hog jaws plus a bottle of grandpa's old fashioned moonshine, for this release brings you down home to a Southern juke joint. Junior Kimbrough gets down and delivers some barn burning riffs that burn down the house with rapid fire speed. Delta style blues with a dose of Texarkana blues blaze on eight contemporary blues gems such as "Burn in Hell," "Everywhere I Go," and "Leave Her Alone." Instant classic.


Infinite Zero/American Recordings
With the recent blending of classic go-go music beats and hip-hop (especially DJ Kool), this release by Trouble Funk is a good starting place to hear the evolution of go-go music. Containing strong P-funk vibes transposed with early hip-hop beats such as Soul Sonic Force's "Planet Rock" reworked into "Trouble Funk Express." Also, one can hear material which has been sampled by other rappers, including the intro to "So Early in the Morning." Most of the material is from the mid-1980s, and it is still a mystery why go-go never achieved the respect that it truly deserves.

Supersuckers-MUST'VE BEEN HIGH

Sub Pop Records
One might think that the Supersuckers are a punk, hardcore, or grunge band since they are on Seattle's Sub Pop label, but don't let labels fool you because the Supersuckers do some of the best old time COUNTRY heard in years in the vein of The Highwaymen, the Carter Family, and Neil Young and Crazy Horse. MUST'VE BEEN HIGH shines with its country roots. Highlights include the title song with vocals phoned in from THE HONEYSUCKLE ROSE II by Willie Nelson and "Non-Addictive Marijuana" for its strong political satire. Essential.

Ty Reed Sammons-KEEP AN EYE OUT

Looking Back Records
Impressive contemporary guitar blues done with a passion for the music and not for commercial gains. Ty Reed Sammons demonstrates that he can play the guitar with the best bluesmen in the world while delivering white lightning chords and riffs burning up desires which mold the listener into a mental crossroads of sounds. Excellent guitar work in the vein of John Lee Hooker and ZZ Top. Favorite cuts include "Molassses," with its basic, raw sound and "Angel," with its emotional blinds.


Tim/Kerr Records
Consisting of the brilliant lyricist, songwriter, and guitarist Amy Kent and Jesse Spero as background vocalist and drummer, Miss Red Flowers captures some of the most reality-based music since Nirvana's BLEACH LP. Kent's vocals capture a multi-dimensional, worldly texture which enchants her lyrics via her airy falsetto voice. Soothing, relaxing yet violable while remaining pure from the opening notes of "Dear James" to the closing track, "Rama." More over Spinanes, for Miss Red Flowers is ready to take your place.

Ophthalamia-TO ELISHIA

From the early dabys of the black metal scene comes this dark compact disc from the band Ophthalamia. Containing many rare rehearsal and demo recordings, the average black metal fan can search the sorrow and see how the movement transformed and grew. >From the raw first recordings of the band -- "A Lonely Ceremony/The Eternal Walk" from 1990 -- to "Deathcrush," "Shore of Koa-Ta-Nu/The Eternal Walk Part II," and "Sacrifice" from a 1994 rehearsal session, this 10 track compilation shows the progress of both the black metal movement and Ophthalamia. Recommended.

E. Carnage + Acousticoitus-DEMO #1

Neo-Barbaric Recordings
Sounds like some drunk in a college dorm room talking about how stupid Bush sounds, and they even try to sing some of the songs made famous (or infamous) by Gavin and the boys. Then they go into a parody of a Nirvana tune. E. Carnage + Acousticoitus sound sicker and stupider than anything ever recorded by the human race, and is totally lo-fi experimental neo-noise, and is not recommended for lovers of beautiful music. A cult favorite.

Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters-THE COLOUR OF LOVE

Verve Records
Guitarist Ronnie Earl's Verve Records debut is destined to make waves through the music world, for he is able to combine a diverse blend of music to create something fresh. Jazz, blues, and Southern rock flows into a multi-layer cesspool to meet head- on a supersonic groove. Grooving similar to the Grateful Dead's improvisation jams or the Allman Brothers' lengthy solos, Ronnie Earl enlights passion not heard in a long time. Standout tune on the release is "Everyday Kinda Man" with Gregg Allman on vocals. Intensity times 1000.


Epic/Ignition Records
Molding the outer limits of alternative music, Pusherman slowly transforms simple chord progressions and creates long epic-like songs which, at least, last roughly five minutes, if not longer. Reminds one of '70s progressive rock, only twisted with a Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Oasis sound. The standout track is the musical masterpiece "Floored," whose melodies hook with noisy vibrations to flow into a solid groove structure. Powerful.


Earth tone music in the vein of Phish, Grateful Dead, and Rusted Root, the Boneheads mix elements of folk, country, blues, and roots rock to create a passionate mix of groove-influenced progressive folk. Very relaxing yet very danceable beats. Transcending many genres, the bands focuses on what sounds like Americana folklores and tales in songs such as "Siesta Time," "Railroad Bill," and more. Feeling alive music of the 1990s.

Spencer Bohren-DIRT ROADS

Zephyr Records
Authentic traditional acoustic folk-country blues delivered by bluesman Spencer Bohren. This is a recording of a man and his mission to presrve the blues inspired by Charley Patton and Leadbelly, only to bring it back alive in the '90s. Spencer polishes his blend of originals, such as the haunting "Eloise" and "Travelin'," and classics, including "The Water is Wide" and "Wade In the Water," to provide us with a grade A release.


Zoo Entertainment
Hyperactive, hallucinogenic, trancendentalic music which subconsciously enpowers the listener into a never-neverland world where your pleasant dreams transform into hellish nightmares. Tool hydroplanes into uncharted territory while artistically remaining similar to their previous releases, UNDERTOW and OPIATE. Musically, Tool takes psychological, mind-altering lyrics, overlays them with extreme, agressive, distorted vocals, drowning phase-shifting guitars, deep, intense, powerful bass riffs, and high-impact drumming to create extreme music. A musical masterpiece.

U. Utah Phillips & Mark Ross-LOAFER'S GLORY

Red House Records
Hobo and storyteller U. Utah Phillips brings pleasant lost hobo folklore to the world with help from Mark Ross. This is an excellent example of what is becoming a lost art form and is interesting as a piece of history and as a way which one can relax and enjoy great music. If you like old fashioned protest music with a lot of political and social commentary, then this is for you. Americana music, hobo music, folk music, etc. -- whatever you want to call it -- it is great music.


Lookout Records
Punk has come a long way since the mid-1970s, and Black Fork continues the tradition by doing an album of high energy punk with piss off lyrics plus a new twist via use of radical audio samples fro the tele. Most of the tunes are short, fast punk anthems which make you wanna pogo, especially "Total Eclipse of the Brain" and "Mosquito." But what is the kicker is the unlisted bonus track of audio samples, which are hilarious and weird at the same time. Righteous, dudes.


Moon Ska Records
Ska continues to make an impact both domestically and imported. The Toasters continue to preserve the fine tradition of ska music which goes back to the mid-'60s. Some of the best recorded third wave ska shines through on their tribute to Chuck Berry simply called "Chuck Berry" and their remake of the Johnny Rivers classic "Secret Agent Man." File with The Specials, The Beat, Madness, and The Spectors, and you should get the drift. Ska lives again with The Toasters.


Castle Records
Back again from the past, W.A.S.P., metal's bad boys of shock rock, are smearing filth all over the place. If one thinks that Blackie Lawless and the boys are toning it down in their mid-age crisis... forget it, for such songs as "Fetus," "My Tortured Eyes," "The Horror," and controversial title tune "K.F.D." carry a power packed punch. This band shows no end in sight. Marilyn Manson may be the new shock rock fad, but Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. are the grandfathers of shock, and this release proves it.

Size 14-SIZE 14

Volcano Entertainment, L.L.C.
What's the formula of poppy alternative punk and catchy, witty lyrics? Give up? It's Size 14. One their self-titled debut release, the band does such catchy numbers as "Claire Danes Poster," where they idolize the teenage actress as if she were a god, "People Get Really Drunk in Las Vegas," which is self- explanatory, "I Touched Her Ass," which demonstrates how the guys try to cop a fell, and "Jimmy Whalen," which sounds like some kind of stalker of the band on an answering machine. Size 14 -- the real Beavis and Buttheads of rock 'n roll, and they're gonna kick your ass.


Volcano Entertainment, L.L.C.
When this release first hit my compact disc player, my walls began shaking due to the excitement which this release gave. Four party rocking tunes of high-energy rock with a smidge of alternative thrown in for good measure. Contains four tracks which the band recorded with various producers/musicians in Shel Tamy (who produced The Who and The Kinks) on "I Remember" and "Dogskin Report," Eric Eriandson (of Hole) on "The Truth About Secrets," and soul producer Ron A. Shaffer on "She Doesn't." If you would like to hear "Dogskin Report," check out their website www.theinterpreters.com, for the whole tune is available there.


MCA Records
Hard to define the unique style of Kami Lyle's work. It is a cross between pop, country style folk, and bluesy jazz. Reminds one of what Sting, Sarah McLachlan, Lyle Lovett, and Willie Nelson have done in the past. Her vocal characteristics are sharp, mellow, and relaxing while using her main instruments of piano and trumpets. Out of the 11 tunes, the songs "Boys," "Worried One," and "Midnight Club" majorly set the mood of the release, which is pleasantly relaxing.

Last Chance Jug Band-SHAKE YOU THING!

Inside Memphis/Inside Sounds
Bluesy old fashioned jug music which makes you want to groove and have a few brewskis. The Last Chance Jug Band uses diverse instruments as one-string bass, washboards, kazoos, pianos, harmonicas, drums, guitars, percussion, and most of all, the omnipresent jug. Don't think that you are going to hear the kind of music you might hear on HEE HAW, for these guys have the blues in their heart, especially on "Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon" and "Who Pumped the Wind in My Doughnut?" -- double entendres which are a great mark for the modern day blues musician.

The Ziggens-CHICKEN OUT!

Skunk Records
This is the type of record which you go out with your friends and have fun with. The Ziggns deliver high doses of surf punk with an instant buzz of humor and satire. For example, the band plays beats that sound like The Knack's "My Sharona" at the introduction of "Goober Got a Girlfriend," and their singer says "This is not 'My Sharona.'" Also, they attack cheeseheads on "The Cheese in Wisconsin," where they talk about being shot at by a farmer there. Is it a surprise that Zig Zags and Ziggens are almost the same? Probably not.


Skunk Records
Rasta punk with angst and oppression to the world. Slightly Stoopid is hardly stupid, for they are very political just like the reggae and ska bands from the Caribbean. Hard to believe that this band is still teenagers. With titles such as "Civil Oppression Dub," "Wake Up Hate," and "Smoke Rasta Dub," one can see the direction the band is flowing. Check out the "Not So Secret Track," which has the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime doing bass and production, and make this release a must.


MCA/Gasoline Alley Records
This reissue of the band's 1994 album is more shocking today than when it was originally released. This release contained various 4-track recordings and some studio work at Mr. Brett of Epitaph Records' stuido, West Beach Recorders. Highlights include a guest appearance by Gwen Stefani of No Doubt on "Saw Red," the insane ranting and ravings of Raleigh Theodore Sakers on his soliloquies, and the "Lincoln Highway Dub," which is an instrumental that was later reworked and transformed into their hit "Santeria." Overall, a unique insight of where this band was going.

Sublime-WHAT I GOT 12"

Skunk Records
This is an excellent sample of what the new album sounds like. It contains the David Kahne mix of "What I Got" from the album, "Doin' Time," "Get Ready," and "April 29, 1992 (Miami)." Plus it has a rare, exlusive demo version of "What I Got (Total Access Mix)" which is very different than all previously released versions of this song, and it gives the word "dub" new meaning. Even if you have a copy of the new album, get this for the last mentioned track, for it is worth the total price of the release alone.


Magna Carta
Rarely does a supergroup come together to perform a musical masterpiece, but that is what drummer Terry Bozzio, who is best known for his work with Frank Zappa and the 1980s pop group Missing Persons, bassist Tony Levin, known for his work with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, and guitar wizard Steve Stevens, who recorded with Billy Idol during the early 1980s, have done. This album, recorded in only 4 days, stands out as a major reinforcement for progressive rock for the 1990s and an instrumental fury. Most tracks were recorded in one or two takes with little overdubs, similar to jazz music. A 65:00-plus masterpiece.


Arista Records
Combining elements of European house, hip-hop, electronica, and ambient music, Faithless begins the world and the dancehalls a new sound to play with. The beats are fast, then they are slowed down. The hit "Insomnia" is presented in its original form plus a version called "Monster Mix Radio Edit," which cuts for radio and tends to lose feeling. Also, the track "Baseball Cap" has a funky riff which stays with your mind after you hear it. To be honest, unless you are really into electronica, stay away from this release, for it may be too much for you to handle.

Women of Sodom-BOOTS

Pussy Kitty Records/Castle von Buhler Records
Explicit sexual techno-rock with tons of dirty fun. Women of Sodom love to beat around the bush and attack conservative society with their raunchiness. With songs titled "Nightmore on Dyke Street," "Manwich," "Boots," and "Watersports," one can only imagine the hardcore outlook of these talented musicians. Full blown, unadulterated, uncensored, uninhibited beats of lust through music which shocks you. The band of the year.

Jonathan Fire Eater-THEY ALL GO HOME

Dreamworks Records
Storng progressive indie rock with a major dose of spaced, distorted feeback gutiars. Reminds one of a Fugs record played on 45 instead of its original 33 1/3. Jonathan Fire Eater enlightens today's angst culture through sonic overdubs on such tunes as "Station Coffee," "In-Patient Talent Show," and "I've Changed Hotel." 11 tunes which may make your bleak work happy or make it very dull. You decide.


Cheap Trick Records/Red Ant Entertainment
Finally, the band which we all grew up with through their classics "I Want You to Want Me," "Surrender," and "Dream Police," Cheap Trick is back with an album which demonstrates that they are rock 'n roll icons. On this release, their first for their own label, they do 11 strong, real rock numbers which sound like the band has never gone away. All have single written all over them with the post-modern sounding "Yeah Yeah" and "Baby No More" standing out. Cheap Trick is a band, and they aren't a cheap trick anymore.


Nuclear Blast America
German melodic punk in the vein of the Ramones and the Queers. The Seasick Pirates do make the world wann react to society with a major kick in the groin. Three chord guitar riffs, snotty vocals, grunglike bass, and high hitting drums. "Surfin' Seasick" is a Ramonish style number and is dedicated to this legendary band, and their cover of Billy's Joel's "The Longest Time" is the way the song should have been originally recorded if it was a punk song. Bombastic punk.

Morbid Vomit/B.F.G.

A Defiant Nation Records, P.O. Box 4501, Crofton, MD 21114
Need a tape to wake up with your neighbors and shake your house's foundation? Then this is for you. Morbid Vomit plays distorted noisecore-hardcore on deranged keyboards and violent guitars. Political lyrics such as "Die Yuppie Scum" and "Right to Choose." B.F.G. delivers us into hell and gets us ready for suffering through their East Coast-style hardcore. Their message is "Death to False Hardcore" and "Stop Killing." 5 tracks from each band. Extreme.

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