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Try Me?


Lansing, MI
This girl sounds like she has lived one hell of a life. The title song describes a girl's quest for self-satisfaction. "Choose Forgiveness" has the song's protagonist searching for the ability to forgive others for putting her through various bad experiences. "Think of God" is Sue's very own religious anthem. The final song on this acoustic-oriented demo ("Baby, You Should Know") describes her attempts to sustain a romantic relationship. This girl writes from the gut. Despite the obvious technical limitations of the recording itself, I'd love to hear more!

- The Wild Card


B.N.W. Records, 4862 M-99 Dimondale, MI 48821
This CD is a aural treat (for those whose tastes tend to run on the heavier side)! The first song grabs the listener with a heavy impact that is reminiscent of S.B.'s intense live show, then the listener is led on a road from Pantera-ish heaviness to Floyd-ish space. All this with out a single musical misstep. When I was done listening to this CD I was amazed at the musical ground covered and that it still kept my attention from beginning to end. Highly recommended!

- Patrick Ondrus

Bad Sneakers

Lansing, MI
This band has been around for a while but has undergone several personnel changes over the past few months, now consisting of Pat Zalenka (guitar), Mike Myers (vocals, guitar), Joel Butts (bass, and Josh Swaiza (drums). Their most recent demo consists of "Rock Me Baby" (the old B.B. King song), "Red House," and "Crossroads." VERY bluesy, very bluesy! Can't wait to hear these guys live!

- The Wild Card

The Fullerenes - QUIT LOOKING AT ME

P.O. Box 6255, East Lansing, MI 48826
Local guitar-based pop rockers The Fullerenes serve up a cassette that showcases the band's big skill -- songwriting. Though the production quality is, occasionally, distracting, I've learned over years of reviewing that several listens will reveal the band's strengths. Catchy tunes and harmonies (that'd be more quickly evident with more expensive production) work their way through. "Not My Girlfriend" and "Diane" are clearly the tunes with biggest hit potential, while "Pity Sex" is fun, as well. Good job. Great effort with even better things to come, I'm sure.

- Geoff Wilbur

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