"Third Wish, Seven Stars"

by April Hampton

People always say three's a charm, and when it comes to Third Wish, the saying rings true. They've recently released their third album, which has a mix of new material and live show recordings, and they have already sold over a thousand copies. They are currently touring most of the Midwest and have rocked venues from New York City to Colorado and as far south as Florida. The energy they vibrate during their shows brings more and more people out of the woodwork every time they play.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the band has played together for over four years and has sold over eight thousand albums since their first release back in April of 1995. They work five days a week writing new material or playing out, and audiences everywhere adore the ambition and drive they put into their music, hands down.

Third Wish has just expanded from six musicians to seven. Losing one member brought them two new ones -- Curt Leonard, lead guitar, and Steve Masek, keyboards. And as usual, there is Dan Heberlein on lead vocals, harmonica, and percussion, Tara Marie O'Malley on lead and backing vocals and percussion, Ryan Dawson on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Mike Politi on bass guitar, and Jerry Buescher on drums.

Word is fans in Cleveland welcomed Curt and Steve with open arms and received arms full of new sounds. They are a new found joy to the band's already energized shows. Having just released their self titled live album, THIRD WISH, one month before Curt and Steve joined the band, they are quickly at work on new songs for the studio. With the new keyboardist on stage, it takes Third Wish to an even higher level.

Since the first time I was blessed to see Third Wish live two years ago, they dug into my soul and snatched ahold of me right away. Now with newcomers, an added instrument, and forever growing, talented minds, they are increasing the vibes of their shows and keeping dedicated fans coming back for more. It really is no wonder they are loved because they make fans happy. Each show, they aim to connect with the audience by "...bringing them good energy and releasing them from their problems." In return, Ryan comments, the audience gives the band good energy with overwhelming response and releases them from their problems as well. Sounds like a give and take relationship that just keeps on growing!

I haven't tried to explain the type of music Third Wish plays because it is indescribable. It's new and invigorating! It's poetic and smooth! It's rich and jazzy! It has just been voted by all of northeastern Ohio fans as the "Best Regional Rock Band of the Year" in the well-known SCENE MAGAZINE. It is a band you have to see for yourself and release all your troubles with. Watch the club scene for their next show date -- they can be caught in East Lansing a few times each year.

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