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Tinfoil - Family Tree

P.O. Box 5071, Tiffin, OH 44883
Wow, I want to find out more about this band. They've got a '60s vibe mixed with alternative, with a folk feel, but it rocks. Vocalist Cher Bibler is a find!! Kinda has a Joplin-esque twing to her voice, and she sings with real soul. I wish they listed who sang what because the guys who sang a tune or two on the album were pretty good, too. I like this one a lot.
- Patrick Ondrus

Blue Rose - Rock Me Low

Wave Records, 14130 Lamphere, Detroit, MI 48223
This is what rock and roll used to be -- powerful, distinctive vocals (there's a little Ann Wilson-esque growl in Kim Lange's voice) with guitar-driven, multi-influenced rockin' backing music. The guitars growl with a hint of blues, and the pacing suggests some R&B roots, but the pace is pure Michigan R&R. This CD is available in stores in eastern Michigan, but here in Capital City, you'll probably need to contact the band to get your own Blue Rose fix. Ooh, yeah!
- Geoff Wilbur

Rob Thorworth - Life is Suffering

P.O. Box 131083, Birmingham, AL 35213-6083
This disc showcases rising blues singer/guitarist Rob Thorworth and the tight, talented 3-piece blues band he fronts. There's plenty of rockin' flavor here and even a lot of modern swing feel in many cuts (check out "Savin' My Sympathy," in particular), but the disc is never more than a step away from pure blues -- hey, with titles like "Slap You Baldheaded," it's gotta be blues!
- Geoff Wilbur

The Living - Moment in Time

Maximum Records, 113 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07310
There's an element in a heavy rock band that places it among my favorites, while others just as heavy are "too loud" for my personal tastes. In Lansing, Blackened Earth has that tuneful, almost melodic element that harkens back to hard rockers of the past without diminishing the cutting edge flavor of the band's music. Nationally, The Living is another of those select few acts. Pick hits: "So I Told Her," "Cry Again," and "Lost Around the World."
- Geoff Wilbur

Dog Fashion Disco - Dog Fashion Disco

2423 Homestead Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20906
Easily could be one of the all-time revolutionary releases ever. Combines elements of ska, funk, metal, and industrial to create a strong groove sort of like the Toasters fusing with Gravity Kills bonding with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dog Fashion Disco does nine intense and nervous breakdown tunes which make you wanna dance yourself off your feet. Not a single dud here, but one must favor the tunes "Satanic Cowboy," "Pogo the Clown," "Albino Rhino," and "Sexual Abyss." If the band continues to do releases like this, they will go a long way... so give this a listen before they get signed.
- Al Slavicsky

The Process - Dub Instructor

122 Jefferson St., Vassar, MI 48768
This is a collection of some of the bandís songs done in the dub style of reggae so that people can get a groove to the music. The Process proves that good dubs can be heard in the world today, and one must be glad that the band continues the long tradition of preserving the style of the reggae dub. If the band continues to flow with the dub, they should go far and place their mark in the reggae music hall of fame. A must for any true reggae fan.
- Al Slavicsky

Bob Fields - "Collarbone" b/w "Big Red Bicycle"

403 14th St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Hobokenís Bob Fields does two poppy, sounding-like-R.E.M.-fused-with-punk-style tunes. "Collarbone" is a rather catchy number that should be a college radio hit due to this riff and lyrics. Must be heard to completely understand. The B-side has a psychedelic glare to it, for it combines a neo-grunge beat with power pop chords and has a great chorus. Bob Fields will be a great crossover band for all popular music fans. Also, it is on red wax, which gives its presentation a plus and makes you remember "Big Red Bicycle," too.
- Al Slavicsky

Godboy - Mellow Noma

110 Central St. #2, Somerville, MA 02143
Trippy, spacy, mellow alternative folk with a dreamscape approach to the music -- sort of like the Pixies attacking Joan Baez while watching repeated reruns of South Park. Musically, Godboy grooves with a dark cloud of their soundwalls of moody lyrics. Overall, very noisy at a time which makes it cool and lo-fi sounding, especially on "Yo Mamaís Box," but the greatest tunes are "Rock On, Fat Elvis" (which I ironically first heard on August 16, 1998... 22 years after Elvis died) and "The Dead Dog Song," which is awesome. File next to Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Sonic Youth, and The Fugs.
- Al Slavicsky

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