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Vanilla Ice - Hard to Swallow

Republic Records
A new album and a new "tough guy" image, same old garbage... Wherever you disappeared to in the past few years, I wish youíd just go back. Hey, Ice... I think your mom is calling you.

Judas Priest - '98 Live Meltdown

CMC International Records
Halford is gone, but does it really matter? While heís left to wander in hardcore obscurity, Priest has gotten its shit back together and taken it on the road. Whether itís classics like "Hell Bent" and "Grinder" or fresh cuts like "Death Row," this metal beast has still got the fire and the fury, and from the sounds of the crowds on this live collection, is still "Delivering the Goods." A blistering double disc of metal the way it was meant to be played... and "Ripper" proves that he can more than hold his own with the "ghost" of Rob Halford... Hot Stuff!

Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick/In Color/Heaven Tonight

Epic/Legacy Records
These re-mastered reissues contain bonus tracks, along with full liner notes, and an "expanded edition" sound. Although sounding slightly dated, the bandís current reformation and tour has once again sparked interest in these pop/rock anthems. Cheap Trickís Beatlesque qualities remain undisturbed on these reissues, while the bonus cuts, including studio outtakes from the album recording sessions, along with alternative tracks, give fans of the band something more for their money.

World of Silence - Mindscapes

Black Mark Production
This progressive band boasts sonic drumming, surreal melodies, and driving rhythms. Not quite metal, but edgier than youíd expect from a progressive band.

What really sets this album apart are the strong, clean vocals. On "Times To Come" and "In Search," World of Silence shows its true colors, as a top of the heap band thatís a good leap ahead of its competitors. A top notch release that soothes as well as sears... look it up!

16 Volt - Supercoolnothing

Slipdisc/Mercury Records
The guitars get forced down your throat, while the drums batter you senseless. The music is heavy edged "alternative" and contrasts nicely with the soulful vocals and dark melodies.

Hard enough to appeal to the metal crowd, hip enough to get favored on college radio, 16 Volt has a combination thatís sure to garner them the kind of exposure most young bands only dream about.

"I Fail Truth," "Keep Sleeping," and "And I Go" are perfect examples of what 16 Volt has to offer -- well-penned modern rock with aggression to spare and a super studio mix. Hot Stuff!

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