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by Al Slavicsky
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The Ziggens - Something About a Waitress

Cornerstone RAS/Skunk Records
Don’t know if this is just a promo clip or an actual release, but one wishes that MTV, VH-1 or The Box would air clips like this in their rotations. It shows a fun, lively side of The Ziggens dressed in their various costumes making fun of life and partying while doing it. The Ziggens prove that they are one of the most awesome neo-surf punk bands in the world today. One must enjoy the persona of the waitresses and waiters in the video... makes you feel as if you were in a diner along Route 66 searching for a home cooked meal. The Ziggens are awesome and hilarious while bringing rock back to the masses.

Backstreet Boys - All Access Video

Jive Records
A great multi-media package from one of the hottest bands on the earth today, the Backstreet Boys. Most people are getting tired of the band due to all the television specials with them plus hearing all their songs on the radio 24/7, but this video shows a candid look at them. Contains personal interviews with all the members of the Backstreet Boys, previously unreleased concert footage, and your favorite Backstreet Boys videos. Also has a sneak preview of "All I Have to Give." Plus, the package includes a special laminated pass and a bonus CD sampler featuring the Backstreet Boys’ "Darlin’ (Live in Frankfurt)" which is exclusive to this sampler, which also features music from up and coming Jive artists Imajin, Solid HarmoniE, Britney Spears, and Don Phillip. Overall, a great collection for the Backstreet Boys fans around the world today.

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