Renegade Newsletter

Summer '97

by Geoff Wilbur

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  • Renegade Facts and Info -- Are you getting it?
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur
  • The Masthead -- Who does what at the Renegade?

  • Dorothy's Rock 'N Roll Adventure -- an interview with Susan Vecchio of Dorothy
  • On the Road to Hookahville -- an interview with Dave Katz of Ekoostik Hookah
  • Come to Popa... Chubby -- an interview with Popa Chubby
  • 19 Wheels Rolls With X-Games -- an interview with 19 Wheels
  • Domestic Problems Will H.O.R.D.E. -- coverage of Domestic Problems' Slot on H.O.R.D.E. Tour
  • Undercurrents '97 Report -- coverage of Undercurrents '97, May 15-17, 1997 in Cleveland, OH
  • Eat at Joes -- Joe Szilvagyi's Review Column
    Featuring the latest CDs from Leather Hyman, Cake, Junkster, El Vez, The Chemical Brothers, and The Discontent
  • Leadhead's Lounge -- Shane Copher's Review Column
    Featuring the latest CDs from Flipp, Speedball, Killing Culture, Solid Frog, Kenny Chesney, Broken Hope, The Newlydeads, The Mark of Cain, W.A.S.P, Peace Sanctuary, Nothingface, Headshop, The Brand New Heavies, Bekka & Billy, Pugs, The Children, Obituary, Badwrench, Kentucky Headhunters, Metal Molly, Karma to Burn, John Anderson, The Feud, Ray Vega, The Nefilim, Skold, Humble Gods, The Almighty Ultrasound, Iron Maiden, Nevermore, Mac Charles, and Harlingtox A.D.
  • Slavicsky's Corner -- Al Slavicsky's Review Column
    Featuring the latest CDs from Jimmibeetles Rock Theatre, Adrian Legg, Lateef and Lyrics Born, Utah Phillips and Ani Difranco, Ani Difranco, Delerium, The Geezers, fluf, Mary's Window, DJ Kool, Sublime, Slo Burn, Coitus Carnivorous & Lumpy Hashish, Skinny Puppy, Peggy Scott-Adams, The Hotheads, Johnny Cash, Cake, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Capt. 3 Leg, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, GG Allin, Underworld, The Dreamside, The Hi-Fives, Bong Water Taffy, Mike Pachelli, and Simon Chardiet
  • Album Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the latest CDs from Nerf Herder, Jonny Lang, Twitch, Jack Ingram and the Beat Up Ford Band, Leah Andreone, Hoarse, Joni Mitchell, Pen Pal, The Brand New Heavies, Dakota Wildflowers, Blessed Ethel, Dotsero, Face to Face, Subduing Mara, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise (reviewed twice), Republica, Ho-Hum, Skold, Pee Shy, Jane Jensen, Aaron Tippin, Lee Roy Parnell, Jeremy Toback, Arno, the Flamingoes, and The Clouds
  • Compilation Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the following compilation discs: UL IV, Nub Records Compilation.1, Identity 3...D!, In the Be-Guinea There Was Yikes!... Vol. 6, House on Fire -- An Urban Folk Collection, Violent World -- A Tribute To The Misfits, and Sayin Bye Bye to Label Slavery
  • The Local Scene: Lansing, MI -- Local Live Music "Caught in the Act," The Lansing Band Guide, and Lansing Music News
  • The Local Scene: Grand Rapids, MI -- Local Live Music "Caught in the Act"
  • Demo Reviews -- Demo Reviews -- The Renegade Staff reviews the latest demos from Dahliagrey, Domestic Problems, Stone Mary, Spoyld, Diesel Down, Chris Alastair, The Back Alley Boys, Trench, Disarray, Blower, For Life, Mindcage, Kroy, and Phil Weidner
  • Free CD Drawing -- Enter to Win one of five Free Compilation CDs from the Cleveland Music Group
  • Renegade Classified Ads
  • Hey Bands! -- How to Get Mentioned in the Renegade
  • Renegade Printable Subscription Form -- an easy way to get the print edition of the Renegade sent right to your door

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