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Plankeye - The One And Only

BEC Recordings
Plankeye is intent upon capturing the moment, instead refining a thing until it's slippery and smooth. Vocalist Scott Siletta often pushes his voice past the breaking point in these honest songs about making sense of bad situations. At its best, Plankeye often sounds like a later day Plimsouls. The One And Only is a little rough around the edges, but it's hard to miss the bright light of rock & roll energy shining through.

- Dan MacIntosh

Anne Summers - The Dandy

PC Music
When a band begins its album with the words "driving drunk, waiting for the brick wall" you're aware immediately that they're not card-carrying members of the optimists club. Anne Summers brings to mind Elvis Costello fronting the group Gene, and its album is highlighted by witty lyrics, choppy pop-rock musicianship, and a positively negative attitude. It just may make you want to grab a six-pack and go for a spin.

- Dan MacIntosh

Toby Palmer and Chosen Generation - When We Get Over There

CGI/Vectron Records
Eleven songs of contemporary gospel fueled with plenty of uplifting joy and praise. Whatever your religious affiliation, when this group gets going you can't help but tap your feet and get enthralled in its spirit and power. Standout tracks include "Power," "Caught Up" and the title song. Can I get an amen somebody?!!!

- Eric Harabadian

Jars of Clay - Much Afraid

Silvertone/Essential Records
Strong hooks, wonderful harmonies and fine pop songwriting all merge, to great effect, on this new release. A nice balance of acoustic and electric sounds that is both quietly reflective and emotionally powerful.

- Eric Harabadian

Steve Wynn - Sweetness and Light

Zero Hour Records
Steve Wynn has been making records since the early eighties, first with the Velvet Underground-oriented Dream Syndicate right up to his prolific, albeit cultish, solo career. Wynn is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter who writes thoughtful and wry pop gems, not unlike artists such as Tom Petty and Elvis Costello. Rock with an intelligent and vivid lyrical sensibility, yet edgy enough for those geared mostly to the beat.

- Eric Harabadian

Fly - Bombthreat: Before She Blows

Kneeling Elephant Records/BMG
It's nice to see a major label distributor like BMG take a chance on some truly creative music once in a while. While Fly's instrumentation is typical in their use of guitars, bass and drums, their approach is anything but! From the Beatlesque opener "Nothing Will Replace" to the Tom Waitsish "Dastardly Bastard," these guys definitely seemed more interested in carving out their own musical niche. Worth checking out!

- Eric Harabadian

Paul Krassner - Brain Damage Control

Mercury Records
The legendary journalist, comedian, and political satirist Paul Krassner returns with a new comedy album, demonstrating he has lost none of his post-sixties hippie acerbic wit. Leaving no stone or sacred cow unturned, Krassner expounds on everything from "Ebonics" to the "Media" to his involvement in the socio-political sixties drug and anti-war cultures. His commentaries on society past and present are right on target and, if you listen with an open mind, you might just find yourself laughing out loud to the truths he reveals.

- Eric Harabadian

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