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Full on the Mouth - Collide

Pioneer Music Group/Atlantic Records
This debut from Flint's Full on the Mouth is an electronic journey into the heavy pop mainstream. The incredibly catchy tracks have a hard rock edge with an electronic background. The production is crisp, and the album has a full, rich wall of sound. The band avoids distinct categorization by blending elements of pop, industrial, and mainstream heavy rock, with the end result sounding fresh and infective. "People Mover" and "My Infection" are the catchiest of the eleven cuts. An impressive beginning.

Stavesacre - Absolutes

Tooth & Nail Records
The latest release from post-hardcore outfit Stavesacre is a continuation of their earlier outings. The same heavy groove and hardcore grind we've come to expect. "Colt .45" and "An Eclipsing" are standout cuts on a release that will not disappoint. Why this band hasn't taken off is beyond me, as they continue to put out solid product, with a great feel and strong sound.

Circle of Dust - Disengage

Flying Tart Records
The brainchild of Klay Scott, Disengage is another excursion to the very edge of the electronic age. Blending weighty guitar riffs with post-modern synth and keyboards, Circle of Dust is at the cutting edge of the technological spectrum. "Chasm" and "Babylon" are expert examples of Klay's creativity. With the inclusion of heavy dance rhythms on a few of the tracks, this release is likely to catch on in techno clubs and should help pave the way for future experimentation on a broader scale.

Living Sacrifice - Reborn

Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records
Reborn is an industrial edged hardcore release that packs a wallop. Heavy, aggressive, and original in sound, this is a step up from past releases. "Truth Solution" and "Sellout" are among the finer cuts on an album that's full of jewels. Don't pass this one by; it's a killer!

Training For Utopia - Plastic Soul Impalement

Solid State/Tooth & Nail Records
Following the release of their Falling Cycle EP, this release is a huge improvement. The same chaotic hardcore style is on display, but this album benefits from a healthier mix and improved writing. Intense and frenzied rhythms drive their melodic but searing blend of grinding hardcore to the next level. The title track and "Black Forest" have instant appeal, while the rest of this album catches on quick. Good stuff!

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