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...by Shane Copher

Full on the Mouth performed at the Small Planet in East Lansing on Saturday, April 11th. This techno-metal band from Flint played a tight and powerful set of tracks from their Pioneer Music debut, Collide. Although this band uses industrial and electronic elements, it never overpowers the fine writing or well-crafted rock rhythms that lie beneath. Their live show was directed more toward the hard rock crowd, proving where the band's real roots are. Unfortunately for the band, it was a relatively sparse crowd, Easter eve and all, but Full on the Mouth played like it was a packed house. Very catchy, hard driving rock. I'd highly suggest you catch this band if they're ever back in our neck of the woods!

On "Tax Day," the Small Planet played host to a heavyweight show featuring Pothed, Skin Lab, and Stuck Mojo.

Pothed hails from the cereal city and played a strong set of hardcore rap, with solid rhythms, maniacal drumming, and a flamboyant frontman. Their set was tight and provided a nice jump start for the evening.

Skin Lab followed with a bruising set of ferocious metal that got the Planet's crowd moving. This Oakland powerhouse proved that they are undoubtedly ready for headline status with their piercing guitarwork and explosive rhythms. Very heavy handed metal; brutal and brilliant.

Stuck Mojo closed the show in grand style with their flawless performance. This was my third Mojo show, and each has been an absolute killer, one of the best live acts around. This Atlanta outfit packs more wallop than a tire iron and will leave you gasping for breath by show's end. They blend elements of metal, funk, rap and thrash into one tasty blast of unrelenting power, with a groove you've gotta hear to believe.

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Lansing Band Guide

To help club-goers, the Renegade asks the Lansing area's local bands to describe themselves briefly. Their descriptions are featured here.

Wanderjar: "A 4-piece noise rock outfit committed to musical exploration in the form of their live improvisations, which can either scream out of control in a sea of noisy bliss, or fall back on some melodic groove."

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New Alien Strip Tease has changed bass players. The new bass player is Joel Butts, who has, in the past, played with N.A.S.T. drummer Brian McVay in Glen Related.

The Capital Area Blues Society has announced that the 1998 Michigan Blues Talent Competition will be held on August 15, 1998 from noon to 6:00 PM in conjunction with the Michigan Festival. Applications will be accepted beginning June 15, 1998. For an application, call Ray Aleshire at 517-267-9264 or see Ray at Elderly Instruments (1100 N. Washington, Lansing; 517-372-7880, ext. 809). For more information, pick up the June 1998 issue of the CABS newsletter, The Blues Ambassador or see the CABS website at http://lhq.com/~cabs.

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