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Wins Car on The Price is Right"

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LOS ANGELES -- Sister Hazel rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Andrew Copeland recently won a car during a taping of the game show The Price Is Right.

While in Los Angeles with the rest of the band working on Sister Hazel's new album, Copeland got free tickets to the show on a day off, so he walked to the television studio with his girlfriend. When the show started, Copeland was told to "Come on down!" for the initial panel of four contestants. After losing on his first three bids, Copeland guessed one dollar higher than the previous highest bid, won the round, and headed up on stage to play for a bigger prize.

Bob Barker commented on Copeland’s trademark bare feet when the axeslinger made his way on-stage to play for... "a new car." Then, by guessing the prices of three household items, Copeland won a Ford Escort.

In the next round, Copeland qualified to participate in the Showcase Showdown.

Copeland bid on a showcase consisting of trips for two to Miami, Costa Rica, and Fiji, but he overbid by more than $1000. Since his competitor also overbid, neither won the showcase.

Copeland plans to give the Escort to his father. "It was almost surreal," he says. "The coolest part was winning the car for my dad, because he’d just totaled his car the week before."

The episode of The Price Is Right with Copeland's appearance aired June 11th.

Sister Hazel is currently working on the follow-up to the band's Universal Records debut, ...Somewhere More Familiar.

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