"Publisher's Corner"

by Geoff Wilbur
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Michael Schenker Group - The Unforgiven

Shrapnel Records
Whenever you unleash Michael Schenker's guitar, you get some great progressive-leaning guitar rock. Kelly Keeling's vocals are reminiscent of David Coverdale. The end result is a high-quality, fast-paced, axe-driven adventure.

Vinnie Moore - The Maze

Shrapnel Records
Clearly ranking among the instrumental album guitar rock gods, Vinnie takes the listener on a 10-song trip which opens with the title track and engagingly works its way through a CD full of picture-painting guitar melodies.

Lorrie Morgan - My Heart

BNA Records
Review a Lorrie Morgan album? Well, it's one heckuva country disc, as should be expected. Lorrie continues to excel at both slow songs and mid-tempo fast ones. Pick hits are Lorrie's rendition of the Bryan Adams tune "The Only Thing" and "Things We Do."

Push - Shaken, Not Stirred

Z Records
Denmark's Push is immediately reminiscent of White Lion, due to the group's musical style and Martie Peters' accent. This melodic hard rock CD showcases Push's musical talent and harmonies via tight, fun, polished rock songs. In the '80s, they'd've been huge. In the late '90s, they're refreshing. Music could use a Push back in this direction. Top cuts include "Never Again" and "The Only One."

Backstreet Boys - Millennium

Jive Records
This album solidifies these five young men as the gold standard by which young vocal groups will be measured for years to come. "I Want It That Way," "Larger Than Life," and several other cuts are guaranteed hits for these Boys.

PC69 - Electrified

Digital Dimension Entertainment, Inc.
German-based PC69 delivers an energetic, crisp, fun, melodic, fast-paced CD that falls on the heavier end of the classic-influenced hard rock category. Songs like "Shame" and "Break the Silence" are downright... well... Electrified! And "Gone Again" is a strong, heart-wrenching addition to the world's collection of power ballads. With indie labels embracing the sort of fun, talented melodic rock that went "corporate" during the 80s, PC69s talent may find a home in the U.S. with that group of rock fans.

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