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by Geoff Wilbur
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Welcome to the June issue of the Lansing Edition of Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter. With the help of my large staff of Lansing-based writers, I plan to continue publishing the Lansing Edition for distribution in Lansing area music stores, record stores, and clubs, even with the move to Rhode Island. The September issue is scheduled to hit the streets the week of June 6th, and it is scheduled to have full circulation once again -- 500 copies in music stores, record stores, and clubs in and around Lansing. So give us a call (401-849-3972), and sign up to reach all those Lansing music fans with a reasonably priced advertisement. (Prices begin at $50.)

You'll notice a slight change to the mailing address. We haven't moved, but the Post Office has changed our address. Since we print a respected publication with a strong track record, we suspect none of you really care, but we have never kept secret that our mailing address in East Lansing was a Mail Boxes Etc., and our mailing address in Newport is a PostAll. Since I have a day job in addition to my publishing duties at the Renegade, I am unable to be at the home office during the day to receive packages, so mailbox stores are a great way to have mail delivered. The advantage mail boxes stores have over post office boxes is the ability to receive UPS and FedEx packages, which some record companies prefer to use when sending material for review. Though the suggested method of addressing to mail box stores has been as "suite" addresses for at least the last ten years -- I got my first box as a free-lance writer in 1989 -- the post office has changed its policy recently and has indicated it may choose not to deliver mail addressed to a "suite" rather than a "P.M.B." (which stands for "personal mail box") as of November 1, 1999. The post office says it is attempting to protect consumers from fraud, though I suspect that if they strictly enforce their new delivery procedures, they will be returning an awful lot of legitimate mail for a while. I know our address is published in some annual music industry listings, and combined with our recent move, we could be noticeably affected at the Renegade. Hopefully, the post office will let a little mail slip through, especially if businesses make a noticeable effort to get people to use their new addresses, but if, after November first, you get mail returned from small businesses with "suite" addresses, don't assume they've moved or gone out of business -- give 'em a call to find out if they're simply a victim of the new addressing scheme. To make sure your mail gets through, please update the Renegade address to:

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter
P.M.B. 449
580 Thames Street
Newport, RI  02840

We'd like to remind you that CD Baby has established a site where Renegade readers can subscribe to the print editions of the Renegade online via credit card. Now, you have can charge a Renegade subscription to your credit card, if you prefer that to using the subscription form here on the Renegade website. The URL for credit card subscription is http://www.cdbaby.com/order/renegade.htm. Also, check out CD Baby's CD store at http://www.cdbaby.com.

About me: Since 1989, my articles have been published in several states and in two foreign countries. During that time, I have seen many outstanding bands go unnoticed. It is my goal to introduce as many of these great bands as possible to interested fans and music industry insiders. Therefore, with your support, I bring the best of the music industry to Lansing, while introducing the national music industry to the best of Lansing's local music scene. If you like what you read, see the subscription information for our reasonable subscription rates ($5 per year [4 issues] per edition). Thanks for reading!


Geoff Wilbur

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