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Writers' E-Mail Addresses"

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Following is a city-by-city list (alphabetized by state, then city) of Renegade writers with e-mail addresses.  If your band (or a band you represent) is performing near one of our writers, please contact that writer directly to invite him/her out to the show.  Each writer has the authority to decide to cover a show without receiving prior permission from the publisher.  Be sure to check the e-mail address list in the most recent online edition of the Renegade to make sure you have the current address for each writer, since e-mail addresses (and writing staffs) do change.

Los Angeles, CA
Dan MacIntosh (ibdanmac@aol.com)
San Francisco/Oakland, CA
Brendan Hagin (BHagin@aol.com)
Dan Killoran (DansTunes@aol.com)
Detroit, MI
Eric Harabadian (erich@provide.net)
Pam West (pimpamjam@aol.com)
Kelly Shellhaas (Awfulgirrl@aol.com)
Grand Rapids, MI
Amy McClees (amcclees@hotmail.com)
Lansing, MI
Shane Copher (LEADHEAD69@aol.com)
Amanda Hanlin (hanlinam@pilot.msu.edu)
Patrick Ondrus (moralchaos@juno.com)
Jack White II (bosco@email.mintcity.com)
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Diane Anderson (Rockerlove@cs.com)
St. Louis, MO
Vic Gemmingen (BGS1@aol.com)
Cleveland, OH
Mike Farley (MFARL@rocketmail.com)
Central PA
Al Slavicsky (alslavicksy@hotmail.com)
Philadelphia, PA
Ron Jacobs (MusiDude@aol.com)
Newport, RI
Geoff Wilbur (renegade@efortress.com)
Austin, TX
Sarah Marmion (smarmion@flash.net)
London, Ontario, Canada
Joe Szilvagyi (Zagatto@lweb.net)
Midlands, United Kingdom
John Boileau (dryriser@globalnet.co.uk)


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