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Caught in the Act...

...by Patrick Ondrus

Fruitfest í99: Again, the summer heat has grown the finest produce that the Lansing, Michigan area music scene has to offer. The semi-annual Fruitfest featured a wide range of artists, and unlike other summer festivals of 1999 there was no rioting and no bonfires! This actually had peace and love! It just goes to show the "family" atmosphere of the Lansing music community. (No wonder there are so many good bands from this area.)

Opening the night were the psycho-billy sounds of Eightball Grifter. Though the sun was in their eyes and the crowd was just beginning to filter in, these guys poured their hearts into the show. Next up was the heavy rock of Big Ass Busdriver, and yes, their sound is big and no, they didnít drive the other bands to the show. Uncle Chuck hit the stage with the a new "power trio" lineup and busted into their own brand of funky heavy metal mayhem. These Lansing favorites really started the crowd going (even before guitarist Crazy Grady asked the audience to join him in a "smoke"!!) The crowd really started getting wild when Blackened Earth went on. Their blend of classic heavy metal with theatric overtones struck a chord with the audience. The hosts for the evening, The Fruitflies, followed with a set that covered many musical genres, all with attitude and taste. The family atmosphere increased when the 'Flies were joined on stage by members of Blackened Earth. (Who knew they could play horns, too??!!). Even though the crowd had already started to filter out, Powerface rocked the stage. Their "Korn-ish" sound had the crowd that remained going! That was the topper of one heck of a summer night. And at five bucks a head, this was the concert deal of 1999. (See, we didnít have to burn a single concession stand!)

Local Scene Writers Needed

We're in need of a couple new local scene writers to fill this section. Cover the styles of music in which you have knowledge at clubs in your area and/or clubs you attend frequently.

If you're interested in covering Lansing's local music scene, contact the Renegade at (401) 849-3972 or renegade@efortress.com. As a "Local Scene" writer, you choose the clubs and the bands you cover. All you have to do is meet the writing deadlines. This is your opportunity to help expose Lansing's best bands to a broader public and to the music industry. No pay. Great perks. Call for details.

Lansing Music News

Psyco Somatic is recording a six-song demo/EP, which will be released in an exclusively limited number to friends, clubs, record companies, etc. The current band line-up:  Steve Scott, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Jerry Masters, lead guitar, production, engineering; Mark, bass, backing vocals; Zero the Hero, drums, backing vocals and other assorted weirdness.

Bands: Read the "Hey Bands" section for information on how to be included in the Lansing Music News section.

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