"Tiles: A Band With Great 'Presents'"

by Eric Harabadian
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Progressive rockers Tiles have been toiling on the Detroit and regional Midwest music scene for well over half a decade now. Along the way they've released three albums, their latest being Presents of Mind, which came out just this past February.

The band has performed at countless venues, most notably opening for prominent artists such as Kings X, Judas Priest, Fates Warning, and, this past summer, Kansas.

After all that hard work the fruits of their labors are starting to pay off in very big dividends.

First, progressive music giant Magna Carta picked up their latest album for distribution this past June and, in November '99, they embarked on a three-week European tour with Dream Theater.

"I had been communicating with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater via e-mail and learned that our album was his favorite original music release on the Magna Carta label," explains Tiles guitarist Chris Herin. "We had started working on songs for a new album when I got the word, in late September, that Mike wanted us to open on their European tour."

The tour, which ran from November 8th through the 24th, spanned seven countries including Germany, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland.

"Our latest album has been doing real well over in Europe and we have a lot of fans there. It will be nice to finally get to meet some of them," says Herin.

Tiles' current CD Presents of Mind is available through Magna Carta in the U.S. and Canada, InsideOut Music/SPV in Europe, King Records in Japan and Rock Brigade/NEMS in South America.

Dream Theater's latest, Scenes From a Memory, is available on EastWest Records.

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