"Godhead/Manson Rock Minneapolis"

by Diane Anderson
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Godhead set to open for Marilyn Manson

On October 27, Marilyn Manson and Godhead came to Minneapolis to kick off their tour and to star in the Halloween put on by the local radio station KXXR 93X.

Godhead is an old but new band. The members are from the Washington, DC area, have been together for years, and have 2 CDs out on the Sol3 label. They also have a song on the soundtrack of the Blair Witch Project. Godhead is the first band to be signed by Marilyn Manson on his label Post Human Records. The album 2000 Years of Human Error is set for release on January 23, 2001. Before the show, I had a chance to chat with Jason Miller, the lead singer. I asked him to describe the album for me. Jason said, "The lyrics are in perspective and also commentary. I try to cut through the crap and view things as they are. They're my perception of society and how, for the last 2000 years, how people view the Bible and how they applied it to fit themselves and their means." After the interview, I was very excited to hear and to see Godhead live. I was very impressed by their show. I expected them to be harder then they were, but I like the fact that Jason actually sang his songs instead of screaming them. Godhead does a great version of "Eleanor Rigby." I definitely recommend seeing Godhead when you get the chance.

Guns, God and Government

On Friday, October 27, 2000, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Halloween Ball was kicked off by Marilyn Manson. This is the second time Marilyn Manson has headlined the Halloween Ball.

The opening acts for Manson were the Union Underground and Godhead. Both bands put on a great show. But then it came time for Manson to make his entrance. There was this white curtain up with a cool light show from behind. After a while, Marilyn Manson's shadow was caught behind the curtain. Manson was moving and casting a shadow that would make him small and tall, but always swaying. Then just as the song started, the curtain was dropped and the crowed went nuts. Marilyn Mason put on another great show. The light show was incredible. Marilyn Manson had many changes of clothes -- he came out in a leather outfit and cape, wore a fur coat. He dressed as the Pope with an altar with 2 heads at each end. Marilyn did his famous stilts act. There was also this pulpit with the new Guns, God and Government logo along with a matching backdrop. Marilyn played all the favorite songs; I would not have added to or taken away from the set list. It was a non-stop show; Marilyn never paused to talk, they just went straight into the next song.

This is a must-see show. Marilyn Manson has decided to play at smaller venues to get that intimate feeling. In Minneapolis, he played at the Historic Orpheum Theater that is mainly meant for plays. The show sold out right away. The theater has a balcony and seats 2,500 people. There was not one bad seat in the house. Even the floor seats are on a slant. So, all in all, it was a great show and a great way to kick off the Halloween week.

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