"He Fashioned Love Fashions Good Music"

by Eric Harabadian
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From the chance meeting of two young musicians from New Jersey comes a band that remains close to its roots, writing music based on personal and observational experience backed with thoughtful lyrics and quality songwriting.

Vocalist/lyricist Jennifer Pagano and multi-instrumentalist Dave McMahon were kids in 1985 when they met in a local music store. They soon struck up a partnership and started to jam together. Their first experiences were strictly for fun but, as time progressed, they began focusing their efforts in more constructive ways.

"He Fashioned Love," penned by McMahon from a phrase he read in the tome The Symposium by the philosopher Plato, have released a six song EP that features Pagano's warm and soothing voice coupled with Dave's understated, yet effective arrangements and performances on guitar, bass and keyboards. Picture Carole King in her beginnings as a solo artist or Stevie Nicks in her Fleetwood Mac heyday and you may have a glimpse into what this group is all about.

"Our current album has been described as folk-pop or folk-rock," explains Jennifer. "It's got that mix of acoustic and electric sounds and such but the new album we're working on will take more of a straight ahead rock-oriented approach. It's not heavy metal or anything like that but a bit rockier than our debut."

Although they are a duo when they write and record, occasionally Dave's cousin and brother fill in on drums and bass for larger club venues and events.

Primarily they play in New Jersey and select areas along the East Coast, having also some success in clubs and coffeehouses in the Los Angeles area.

He Fashioned Love has garnered airplay on the radio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and have been featured on Cosmic Internet Radio. You can also read about them in a piece by Roxanne Blanford at www.allmusic.com.

"In Cape May, where we live, I work in a family business at a motel," explains Pagano.

"The summer is especially our busiest season being that this is a tourist town. Dave has a day job as well because we have to pay the bills. But music is always a full time thing with us and now that the tourist season is winding down we're going to put all our effort into booking more dates and lining up an East Coast tour throughout the fall."

Jennifer Pagano, P.O. Box 220, Cape May, NJ 08204; e-mail: hflmusic@aol.com; web: http://hefashionedlove.iuma.com

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