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Denver, CO

Now, I don't mean to start music fans scrambling to attend fiberoptics conferences or anything, but NFOEC 2000 in Denver was a treat, musicially speaking, as it featured the return of outstanding blues keyboardist Lonnie Bennett (LBennett@BURLEIGH.com) to the Burleigh Instruments booth. It's worth sticking around during cleanup to hear a few more tunes.

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Band Guide 

Metro Philadelphia, PA 

Special Blendz: "Special Blendz is an exciting Soul/R&B/Oldies and Originals showband featuring four vocalists with amazing harmonies, and five musicians with dynamic arrangements."

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Music News 

Los Angeles, CA 

Neon Venus was nominated for best Rock en Espanol band at the LA Music Awards, celebrated at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills this past November.

Chicago, IL

Michael McDermott opened for The Wallflowers on October 12th at Cabaret Metro in Chicago.

Boston, MA

The Syphlloids were nominated for Bostonís Best Band as part of The Boston Nightlife Awards sponsored by Jim Beam and BackBayBeat.com.

Southbridge, MA 

Enemy Glory, Book One of  Karen Michalsonís new dark fantasy series of the same title, is due out from Tor Books in January 2001.  Amazon.com is now taking orders and will ship copies as soon as they are available. Enemy Glory is the novel that was the inspiration for Point Of Aresí debut album of the same name.  Karen is Point Of Aresí bassist-lead vocalist.

Lapeer, MI

Sin Embargoís "In Need" is featured on Bad Dog Recordsí compilation CD.

New Hampshire

Saje has found a new drummer. His name is Geoff Beyrent.

New York, NY

Ameliaís Dream's song "Footprints" was featured on Paul Sorvinoís new series Thatís Life. Also, at the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5th, Ameliaís Dream was the featured band at 79th Street and 1st Avenue.

Cincinnati, OH

Big in Iowa was nominated for  the CityBeat Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in the categories of Best Rock Band and Artist Of The Year.

Cleveland, OH

In October, The Mike Farley Band co-headlined with the Tony Lang Band and special guests Domestic Problems from Michigan and Columbia Recording artists Neve. Also, Jim Simonian replaced Joe Rohan as The Mike Farley Band's drummer. And The Mike Farley Band won modern rock song of the year ("Imagination") and modern rock album of the year (On The Edge of Somewhere) in the Just Plain Folks music awards for 2000.

Dallas, TX

In late September, Eden Automatic opened for Missing Persons.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Steve Cochrane, amid several other side projects, is currently performing with keyboardist/vocalist Ken Baird and vocalist Sue Fraser in a group called Kaleidoscope.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Julie Kryk was featured on CBC National Radio. The CBC National website also contains photos/bio and music from Julie; it is part of a Canadian package about outstanding young Canadians.

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