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Fall/Winter 2001/02
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  • Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Facts and Info -- Are you getting it? 
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur 
  • The Staff -- Who does what at Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter?

  • Geographic Listing of Writers and Their E-Mail Addresses -- Invite Your Local Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Writer Out to Cover Your Show 
  • MP3 Radio Stations -- Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter's MP3 Radio Stations at
  • Spineshank Chats Before Their Line Check -- an interview with Johnny Santos and Rob Garcia of Spineshank
  • Good Music's Not Just a... Figure of Speech -- an interview with Dave Sierk of Figure of Speech
  • Making the Grade -- an interview with Charles of Grade
  • Megadeth Gives Fans the Reins -- an interview with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth
  • The Impending Ice Age -- an interview with Josh Pincus of Ice Age
  • Lurking in the Shadow Gallery -- an interview with Gary Wehrkamp of Shadow Gallery
  • The Sloppy MeatEaters' A-Peal -- an interview with Josh Chambers of Sloppy MeatEaters

  • Slavicsky's Smorgasbord -- Al Slavicsky's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Richard Thompson, the Immortal 2000 sampler, Diesel Machine, David Hollister, Hinge, Patrick Green, Hinge (again), Vanilla Ice, The Misfits, Puya, Britney Spears, Gorguts, Lunachicks, Conflict, The Company of Snakes, The Varukers, Music 101 3.1, Vanishing Point, Stereomud, Jungle Rot, Mob Rules, Macabre, One Minute Silence, Ska Chartbusters, Fiddlin’ Johnny with Peter Ostraoshke, 400 Horses, Shadow Keep, Purple Mustard, Ryuichi Sakamoto, California, Boiler Room, Omar Torrez Band, TV Sucks, Little Milton, Lotus, Platinum Christmas, Love Like Blood, Full Frequency, Sloppy Meateaters, Duran Duran, Primitive Radio Gods, The Ocean Blue, Five Dollar Milkshake, Reach the Sky, the research magnificent, The Trouble With Larry, Elizabeth Cranford, The Embalmed, iot, Dry Kill Logic, Slipknot, Best of Independent Music Vol. 1, Pressure 4-5, Dave Navarro, NYC Takeover Vol. 2, NYC Takeover Vol. 1, Hot Caribbean Hits, Blitzkrieg Over You! - A Tribute to the Ramones, A Taste of Dracula 2000 The Album, Punk Goes Metal, In the Memory of James Lynn Strait of Snot 8/7/68 - 12/11/99, Rock This, Divine Recordings The Ozzfest 2000 Sampler, and the PC-CD-ROM.

  • Dan's Reviews -- Dan MacIntosh's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Marz, Epiphany Project, John Polito, Pi, Jason Darling, Amy Ray, Eddie Dattel, The Tender Idols, Wolfpac, From Zero, Rick Fowler & Friends, Umbra Et Imago, Mortal Loom, Brazilectro - Latin Flavoured Club Tunes, Isabelle's Gift, Crawling From The Wreckage: 16 Shards Of Carnage From HowlingbullAmerica, Vulgar Pigeons, (hed)pe, Donald Walters, Godhead, Speak No Evil, Jump Little Children, Michael Lee Firkins, GriefBirds, The Moto-Litas, The Princess + The Warrior Original Soundtrack, the Goin' Down South Blues Sampler, Caprice International Presents: Worldwide Radio Summer Hit Singles, Jonn Serrie, Cairo, Two Man Advantage, Sick on the Bus, Michael Hedges, Leonardo: The Absolute Man Original Cast Recording, Robert Berry, Lennon, Moke, Sapien, Nineteen Forty-Five, Alphaville, Adema, and Shades Apart

  • Mike's Reviews -- MikeSOS's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Ethynol, Canyon Creep, NJ Bloodline, Jersey, New Town Animals, Duotang, F-Minus, Kittyhawk, Misura, Reducers SF, Iroquois Stealth Pilots, The Actual Tigers, The Dames, Tekluvi, Nocturne, Mad Daddys, 59 Times the Pain, The Ted Bundys, The Staggers, Sugar Ray, Goliath, The Workin' Stiffs, Open Hand, Solace/Life in Your Way (split CD), The Kingpins, Man Without Plan, Skinz and Pinz Volume II, The Scott Farkus Affair, CO2, Dropface, Jangli Jaggas, Jaya the Cat, Void Lucy, Flupejac, Grade, Jerry Cantrell, Stone Temple Pilots, Fantomas, Fenix TX, Jimmy Eat World, Sprung Monkey, Ditchwater, Provoke, Tank Records Sampler, Buckfast Superbee, Akuma, DRI, Simulcast, Soilent Green, Solarized, Bruce Dickinson, Uncomfortable Silence, The Saints of 35th Street, Champion, Anathema, Undisputed Heavyweight Champions, Mastodon, Gwar, Dust to Dust, The Bronx Casket Company, The Seth Project, Crash Rickshaw, Rival Schools, Ringworm, Kamelot, Punch Drunk III, Sunspot, The Commercials, The Princess and the Warrior soundtrack, Chaotic Culture, Zen Guerrilla, Boot to Head Records Sampler 2, Black Label Society, Heavy Metal Geomatrix, Bionic Jive, Lazy American Workers, The Black Widows, Sugarbomb, Matthew Jay, Pivot, The Break, Aborym, Reno: Where Dreams Come to Die, Proudentall, The Bodies, Self Riot, Spyglass, Psychotic Reaction, Comadose, Velvet, Infinite Winter, King's X, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Scene Killer, The Aeffect, Square John, Underdrive, Scar Culture, New York's Hardest Volume 3, Crowbar, Deceased, Autoclad, St. Huckleberry, Mayhem, Biohazard, Twisted Forever, Patricia Ossowski, Destroyer 666, For Those Who Stand, Pinhead Circus, Drain Bramaged, Upshot, The J.J. Paradise Players Club, DFunk and the Phatfunk Clique, This Changes Everything, Cage, The Prostitutes, Oblivion, Sanbox, Six Going On Seven, Neurosis, Nine Lives, Lifer, The Monsoons, Agnostic Front, American Nightmare, Saskatoon Or Bust, Progression Through Aggression, Shady View Terrace/The Lawrence Arms (split CD), Pain, The Rollins Band, Dogpound, Hot Water Music, Full Frequency, Pig Destroyer, Panic 12:52, Head Rush, Cairo, Nokturne, Living Tomorrow Today, The Waterboys, Wellwater Conspiracy, Spacely Sprocket, Vision of Disorder, System of a Down, Slayer, American Head Charge, Corrosion of Conformity, Manhunt, The Real McKenzies, Andromeda, Farm Crew, Krisiun, The Partisans, Gammera, Puya, Sigh, The Business, Fydolla Ho, Crushstory, Vynegar, Thumb, Squirrels From Hell, Steel Wolf, Zeke, My Ruin, Playing Enemy, Instant Reaction, Antipathy, David Grossman and The Limit, Next 2 Last, Bigpop, Centinex, Michael Staertow, River City Rebels, Leechmilk/Sofa King Killer (split CD), Electric Frankenstein, Sons of Otis, Yattering, Mike Control, The Cutthroats 9, Craving Theo, Darkane, Pyramids On Mars, Conqueror Worm, Ariel Publicity Sampler, Engrave, Avulsed, Roundabout, Sommerset, The Cult, Sloe, Anata, Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless, Sea of Green, Void Lucy (again), Clumsy, The Cherry Valence, Jarra, Minus, Keelhaul, Gate 18, Clyde, Sugarcult, Rumor Has It, Catspaw, Darkest Hour, Utilize, Tindersticks, Sunny Ledfurd, Crusade, Midwest Rules: No Coast Punk, Darwin's Waiting Room, Blister Rust, Napalm Death, Wild Nine, Dead End Kids, Templars, Time of Need, Gunfighter, Lost Souls Society, Alan's Wrench, This is Bad Taste Volume 4, Maharahj, The Hissyfits, Brazilian Assault, Pete, Intensity, Megadeth, Comin' Correct, Foetus, Toadies, Hood, Bill Foley, and Static-X
  • Publisher's Corner -- GWRN Publisher Geoff Wilbur's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Kansas, Velocity, Jim Wilson, Annick Gagnon, Robin Brock, Mika Pohjola & Yusuke Yamamoto, Dan Fogelberg, JP Jones, Poison, BJ Thomas, The Best of Rosebudd Records Volume 1, and NSync

  • Album & Demo Reviews -- The GWRN Staff reviews CDs from Big Elf, Saga, Steve Walsh, Shadow Gallery, Tempset, Ice Age, Rustic Overtones, Lakota Thunder, James LaBrie, Arise From Thorns, Two Airplanes, Shao Rong, Page Wilson with Reckless Abandon, and Unwound
  • Concert Reviews -- Dan MacIntosh reviews King's X and Moke at House Of Blues in West Hollywood, CA; Diane Anderson reviews WASP and Pissing Razors at The Quest Night Club in Minneapolis, MN; Al Slavicsky reviews Keith Urban at the Cambria County Fairgrounds in Ebensburg, PA
  • The Local Scene -- Music News from Detroit, MI

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  • Hey Bands! -- How to Get Mentioned in Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter

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