"The Noise of Khanate"

by MikeSOS
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Khanate is a band that has risen from the ashes of doom metal masters Burning Witch.  Their sound also picks up where Burning Witch left off, as they fill the void of slow, churning and ultimately brutal music.  When speaking to guitarist Steve O' Malley, we spoke about where his current musical agenda and current tastes lie.

Mike SOS: What kind of band is Khanate?

Steve: Khanate is a noise experiment with a focus on temporal matters.

Mike SOS: Who are the main influences on your hybrid sound?

Steve: We appreciate many musicians, artists and creatives but prefer to try and be influenced primarily from within ourselves.

Mike SOS: What kind of audience do you feel responds best to the band's live show?

Steve: The patient kind. Also, the kind with an appreciation to long drawn out agony and physical sound pressure.

Mike SOS: What's on tap for you guys (new album. tour, etc.)?

Steve: New composition and recordings for a few compilations, a 12" B side and a new album. Live performance in the Northeast primarily but perhaps elsewhere in the near future.

Mike SOS: What's the most difficult thing about being in a band?

Steve: Communicating ideas and expectations accurately to oneself, other collaborators and interpreters.

Mike SOS: Where do you see yourselves in 3 years?

Steve: I can only speak for myself. At a greater point as far as understanding creative impulses and how to achieve the accurate ideals. Several more musical avenues explored and a massive growth in my visual arts.

Mike SOS: What advice would you give to a local band trying to make it?

Steve: I wouldn't give advice on that matter. Sorry. I could cynically say "ask yourself what you are really looking for and why you think your band will provide that through 'success.'"

Mike SOS: What are you currently listening to?

Steve: At this immediate moment GROM "Coat of Arms" demo. Otherwise BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE, ALAN LAMB, GALINA USTVOLSKAYA, HIRAX, DARKTHRONE.

Mike SOS: When I'm not playing in Khanate, I'm...

Steve: Not talking about it in email interviews.

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