"Mushroomhead Case"

by MikeSOS
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The Midwest sensation sweeping the metal nation as of late is known as Mushroomhead.  And while the obvious comparisons to Slipknot (just check out their attire) are flying fast and furious, these guys arenít to be taken lightly, judging by their latest album XX and their rigorous touring schedule, which will take them to a spot on the coveted Ozzfest festival this summer.  When speaking to bassist Pig Benis, it was a bit difficult to get a straight answer, but hey, this is what success does to some people.  Enjoy the rockstar vibe, OK?

Mike SOS: What have you guys been up to lately?

Pig Benis: Drinkin', thinkin', stinkin'.

Mike SOS: How does it feel to break out after such a long time on the local circuit?

Pig Benis: Same as home except the clubs treat you better.

Mike SOS: Where does your diverse musical style stem from?

Pig Benis: We each have 5 dads.

Mike SOS: When did you feel as if youíd finally made it to the next level?

Pig Benis: 4 lawyers and 3 lawsuits.

Mike SOS: Describe the Cleveland scene and its pluses and minuses.

Pig Benis: You can play out whenever you want, as long as you sell a ton of tickets and promise not to take any money.

Mike SOS: Whatís the toughest thing about being in a band?

Pig Benis: Answering stupid questions.

Mike SOS: Can it get difficult with so many band members in your band in regards to creativity and viewpoints to work together?

Pig Benis: Not when you have the biggest dick in the band.

Mike SOS: What are your currently listening to?

Pig Benis: Trent telling me not to be a smartass.

Mike SOS: What do you think of the current state of heavy music?

Pig Benis: Do you mean Iowa?

Mike SOS: Anything you would change in hindsight during the course of your career?

Pig Benis: My career.

Mike SOS: When you guys get compared to Slipknot, Mudvayne, etc., what is the initial reaction and how does the band in general handle such criticisms?

Pig Benis: Itís like a walk in the park... in Cleveland... in February.

Mike SOS: Whatís on tap for the rest of 2002?

Pig Benis: Dortmundergold & Budweiser.

Mike SOS: Where do you see Mushroomhead in five years?

Pig Benis: The flying machine.

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