"Slavicsky's Smorgasbord"

by Al Slavicsky
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Planet Hemp • MTV ao vivo

Choas/Sony Music Brazil
Little is known about Planet Hemp outside their native Brazil.  This band, formed in 1993, notably known for their pro-cannabis beliefs, has become huge similiar to 311, RATM,  and Sublime in the the US. This CD, released on Chaos/Sony Music of Brazil, shows how they played live for an MTV Brazil television special. Hempation rock is heard all over the CD, and you would swear it was a 311 performance in Portugesse.

Contains all their hits including "Legalize Ja," "Dig Dig Dig (Hempa)," "Phunky Buddha," and "Procedencia C.D."  Too bad that the band's most famous tune "Porcos Fardados (Pigs In Uniforms)" was not included during the set -- guess MTV still has censorship, even in Brasil. But this release is a must for rapcore-metal rap fans everywhere, for Planet Hemp is a great band.

Necro • Gory Days

Psycho Logical Records
Hip-hop and Brooklyn have gone together since the style was created in the early 1980s and became world known with the Beastie Boys and Big Al, but Brooklyn’s most twisted emcee is ready to put his foot down with some of the most intense porno rap-drug rap ever made. Necro’s Gory Days is a classic, for the orginal cover art was banned from any printing plant in the world today due to its graphic violence, scenes of death, nude women, rape, and more insane ideas.

Sum 41 • In Too Deep CD-5

Island Records
A CD single for Sum 41’s "In Too Deep" -- the song reminds one of the old Operation Ivy punk -- punk mixed with reggae style guitar and punk chorus. "Cause I’m In Too Deep and I try the blood in my head instead of going under..." -- what a catchy verse. If you have not heard Sum 41, check out their platinium album All Killer No Filler.  A plus goes out to the band for doing a a custom CD digi-pack which one of the band members shown getting cut with a razor blade carving Sum 41 in his chest.

Primer 55 • "This Life" (radio mix) CD-5

Island Records
A special radio mix of Primer 55’s "This Life," which is more radio friendly than the version that appears on (the) New Release CD. If you have never heard Primer 55 yet imagine a groove-infested rock band which has a hip-hop undergroove mixed with a touch of technical guitars, hard metal vocal, and hard hitting guitars. Primer 55 is one of today’s new metal bands that will change metal’s image forever -- one of the forefathers of the next metal revoltution. Check them out and you will see that this band is more than just your average band.

Pulse Ultra • Songs From The Debut Release Headspace CD-5

Velvet Hammer/Atlantic Records
Contains two songs from Pulse Ultra’s Headspace CD.  "Big Brother" features Stephen Richard of Taproot and has a brillant daunting sound mixxing powerful guitar with haunting harmonies sort of like a harder edged Bush meeting a blend of Fuel, Tool, Rush, and King Crimson -- very powerful inducing music. The other tune "Build Your Cages" has a similiar vibe yet musically radiates intensity times 10 while maintain a refreshingly new sound. This Canadian band is the future of new rock and roll and worthy to check out, for this band is going to huge.

Sevendust • Animosity 2-Song Sampler

TVT Records
The Altanta, GA-based Sevendust is back with its hard-rocking, power-driven metal. This CD sampler contains two great songs. "Praise" has recieved minor radio airplay nation wide. Reminds one of a cross between old Crawlspace-era Sevendust and something that Coal Chamber or Soulfly would do. Hard edged pit sound that proves Sevendust is able mix up the sounds. The other song, called "Tits on a Boar," has an eerie intro before unleashing into a power infestation of guitar scratches, screams, and sonic blares. Sevendust proves that they are a force to break something. One must love the guitar solo which is impressive. Continuing to outdo themselves on this release, Sevendust proves that they are here to stay.

Greenwheel • "Shelter"/ "Strong"  promo CD-3

Island Records
Greenwheel delivers us what many thought was a lost format -- the mighty CD-3, which is a three inch CD. Back in the mid-1980s and the early 1990s, this was going to be the way CD singles were going to be issued, but the CD-5 become the standard. One must give thumbs up to Greenwheel to make a CD-3 -- could a 7" vinyl pressing or even an eight track cart tape (let’s hope an 8-track may come) be next? Musically, Greenswheel reminds one of Nickelback mixed with Live or Fuel. "Shelter" has the catchy guitar hook and chorus that will stick in your head after you first listen to it -- "Tell me where to find the shelter cause I am there" -- while "Strong" starts out with heavy guitars that then follow into a mid-tempo ballad while still rocking.  With the lyrics, "Now I am too strong to fall again," Greenwheel will not fall again, for they are the next wave of metal. Impressive songs and a good idea to do it on a CD-3... hopefully the format is making a comeback.

Step Kings • 3 The Hard Way

We Put Out Records, 1801 Willow Ave., Weehawken,  NJ 07086
East Coast hardcore kings the Step Kings are back with a tighter sound that really rocks over and over instensity 10 times over.  3 The Hard Way brings the band back to its roots with 10 tunes that highlight how much the band progressed since its early years. "12/23/01" is a ballad which talks about the holidays being screwed up and depressed. "Goodbye" almost sounds like a demo at the beginning only to transfer into a power song with heavy noisy guitars, harmonies, and hard hitting guitars -- this song would fit perfectly on an alternative AOR radio station and will be a big surprise to fans of the band.  The almost Biohazard-like "Younglife Crisis" with its sort of metal rap groove is another surprise. Fern’s guitarwork rocks, Bob McLynn’s powerful bass and even more impressive vocals on 3 The Hard Way are superb, and Mike Watt’s drums help enhance what may be the best release that the world has yet to hear. The Step Kings will be one of the bands to watch for in 2002, for they proved to the world that  they are for real.

Phantom Planet • The Guest

Epic Records
Remember when music had melodic hooks and seemed to be fresh and new?  Phantom Planet brings the listener back to those days with a sound that is equal to material that Elvis Costello or Rosetta Stone recorded in their prime. On The Guest, Phantom Planet yeilds 12 great tunes that groove and rock while proving that the band who used to be known for the fact that their drummer, Jason Schwartzman, appeared in Rushmore and Slackers and their lead singer, Alex Greenwald, co-starred in Donnie Darko are really true rock and roll musicians.  "In Our Darkest Hour" reminds us of the Talking Heads meeting some of the heavy Rubber Soul-era Beatles due to the psychedelic harmonies. The band’s first single "California," which is the leadoff track, is a mid-tempo tune sort of similiar to the acoustic Incubus stuff, but one must love the background vocals which blend smoothly with the triple layer guitars, drums, bass, and what sounds like a pianos... definitely has hit potential. But the song that stands out most has to be "Turn Smile Shift Repeat" which has a psychedelic intro only to flow into almost classic Boz Skaggs, Altanta Rthym Section, Oasis, or even Dark Side of the Moon-era Pink Floyd. Phantom Planet will be a mover and shaker in the future of music with the average member of the band being only in their earlier 20s... there is no doubt they are going to be around for a while.

Hoobstank • Music Sampler

Island Records
A 2-song music sampler of Hoobstank containing their hit "Crawling In The Dark" and "Better." Hoobstank has a style which is impressive that reminds some of Incubus or Papa Roach in parts yet is much more unique. For example, the guitarwork on "Crawling In The Dark" has a vibe that transforms into a poppy sound while it has a hard groove that leads into a rock gem due to its catchy chorus. "Better" has good electro processing in the vocals which make Doug Robb’s vocals capture the listener and enhances Dan Estrin’s guitar work, Markku Lappolainen’s bass playing, and Chris Hesse’s power time drive drums. Overall, if Hoobstank continues to deliver powerful tunes like these, they will be one of new forces of rock in the 2000s.

Quarashi • "Stick ‘Em"/ "Transparent Parents"

Time Bomb/Columbia Records
The Icelandic rapcore band Quarashi (prounced "Kwa-Ra-She") proves that even in Iceland that they know how to rock. "Stick ‘Em" reminds one of the material that Rage Against The Machine did in the mid-1990s or the Ill Communication era of the Beastie Boys. A strong tune that could be played on any alternative album oriented rock radio station. While "Transparent Parents" is different, for it is most like Beastie Boys meeting Bjork or Incubus due to its use of DJ scratching that rocks to the beat of the music. Quarashi will appeal to the rapcore or metal-rap fans of the world and maybe even have potential to be remixed for the dance floors. Great songs for the new album Jinx... check them out.

Mad At Gravity • "Walk Away"/ "Historyperts"

ARTISTdirect Records
Mad At Gravity demostrates two songs from their forthcoming CD Resonance.  This first song "Walk Away" has a groove vibe that is rock similiar to Fuel, Three Eye Blind, Nickelback, Hoobstank, or Incubus, and the song would appeal to those fans yet has the raw power to stand out on its own. This song is probably going to be a huge AOR hit, for it has the sound that is currently being aired on those stations. "Historyperts" may be the stonger of the two songs due its Tool-like vibe. Mad At Gravity is destined to be one of the new breed of today’s rock bands and are worth watching out for.

Converge • Jane Doe

Equal Vision, P.O. Box 14, Hudson, NY 12534
Violent exterme hard death metal that would rock your skull out.  Intense sounding with a grind flair. Typically not the stuff that would appeal to the mass marketplace, but give this band credit for producing a great release. Any band that can create an 11:33 masterpiece called "Jane Doe" which is sort of atmospheric in nature yet moves into a exterme death mood during the song proves that they are geniuses, for they can do a 42 second gem on "Phoenix In Flames" that is a total destruction choatic tune. Rarely bands can hybrid long and short tunes together that flow together on the same album. Converge is one of the best death bands to be in the scene in some time, and this CD proves that they know their stuff. A strong outing from this new band.

Rush • "One Little Victory"/ "Earthshine" CD-5

Atlantic/Anthem Records
Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson have been in the business since the early 1970s and only have become stronger as the ditgal age has become more active. "One Little Victory" reminds one of early pre-2112 era Rush due to its hard guitars and heavy drums. Geddy’s vocal are still powerful as ever as are Lifeson’s guitars and Peart’s drums. You would swear that this band created a new sound, for "One Little Victory" is not your average Rush song. But "Earthshine" is your classic Rush sound in the veins of "Fly By Night" or "Time In Motion." Still can’t believe that Lee’s vocals are very strong as he does not show that age is catching up with him. This is one of the surprise releases of the year, and Rush proves that they still can rock with the best.

Seether • "Needles"/ "Fine Again"

Wind Up Entertainment
Seether, who is playing Ozz Fest 2002, are on the label that made Creed a household name and Seether is going to be a household name soon. "Needles" has unique sound like Sevendust fusing with Creed or Adema yet able to pump up the listen with some catchy guitar work and drum hooks. This is destined to be an instant alternative rock AOR gem. While the mid-tempo "Fine Again" will crossover to your MOR rock radio station like Creed did. Rarely does a band put two songs that could be huge hits on a sampler cd but Seether did. If one of these songs is a feeler than one came only imagine what the rest of the cd Disclaimer is going to sound like when it is released on August 20, 2002.

Soulfly • 3

Roadrunner Records
Soulfly 3 brings us actually to a new era for the band. This record does have the unique signature Soulfly sound, but it also introduces the world to some new ideas that tend to really shine on the release. First new idea which is the unique female vocal heard on the begining and end of "Trees of Pain," which is a melodic sound that is almost Gothic in style before ripping into the world famous Soulfly sound. Also, one must love the intense Brailiazan percussion which influences the release from beginning to end. It is good to hear rarely used sounds in metal music, and Max and the band really outshined themself on the instrumentation throughout the release. Glad to heard the outcry of patriotism through the eye of Max on "9-11-01." One must admit the vibe toward the end of the record is mellow and relaxing, flowing into a relaxing, hauntly spritual vibe of the jungles of Brasil, especially on "Soulfly 3" before moving into "Sangue De Barrio" and closing with "Zumbi" with its classic calypso funk groove molding it with some metallic riffs. Also note that "Downstroy" is a good, rocking tune that makes you want to get out of your seat and deliver a powerful one-two punch and mosh around to the intense groove.

Overall, Soulfly 3 is given a 9.7 out of 10 due to its hard experimentation on the release, which is very complex for someone who never listened to the band before it to relate to. This ain't no pop record, but Max and Soulfly created another classic release, for this CD is one you put into your player and rock out to at the begining before relaxing out to by the end.
Soulfly 3 -- the new invasion of Max... way to go.

Puddle of Mudd • “Out of My Head”/”Basement” CD single

Flawless/Geffen Records
Puddle of Mudd has a melodic hard rock sound combined with a metal edge. On this CD single, two songs are featured. “Out of  My Head” has a catchy sound sort of similiar to old school Goo Goo Dolls or Nickleback yet moving into a new vibe. This is a type of song that rocks and proves that Puddle of Mudd is a good rocking band.  But “Basement” is the gem here, for you may even swear it was writen for Nirvana, yet the song stands strong alone. Overall, Puddle of Mudd proves that they are ready to rock with the new breed of rocker and be a force to be reckoned with. Good single for your collection.

Adema • Adema

Arista Records
The band that is best known for their breakthrough single “Freaking Out,” Adema’s Arista debut proves that the single was not a fluke.  From the CD’s first track “Everyone” with its high energy metal sound to the final notes of “Trust,” this releases fuses industrial rock beats with melodic vocals and metal guitars.  Sort of a metal hybird of sounds flowing through your ears while creating a sonic bliss. Adema gets the listener 12 tunes to hold onto while the band rocks out.  Hightlights are “Skin,” “Freaking Out,” and “ Pain Inside.” If you like bands like Gravity Kills and Sevendust, please pick up this release, for you would love this release.

Punk Chartbusters Vol. 4

SPV/Wolverine Records/Sound Carrier
Vol. 4 of the one going Punk Chartbusters series is a double CD for the price of one. Containing 53 cover tunes ranging from the Beach Boys’ “I Can Hear Music” done by Gwyllions to Funeral Dress doing John Denver’s “I Am Leaving on A Jetplane” to The Living End doing Soft Cell’s version of  “Tainted Love” which was a cover in the first place to Kick Indicator bringing life to the Backstreet Boys’ “Quit Playing Games” to Second  Floor Daycare punking up the Britney Spears classic “Baby, One More Time” to Square The Circle with a punk version of Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night” and more. If you need a CD to attack those preppies, teeny boppers, or people lost in the eighties, pick this CD up, for it would make them re-think what popular music really is. One of the best punk compilation series in the world today.

The Unknown • Pop Art

Boss Tunage, P.O. Box 19550, London SW11 1FG UK
Boss Tuneage, 75 Tenjincho, Shinjukuku, Tokyo, 162-0808, Japan
Micracosm Publishing, 7741 Ohio St., Mentor, OH 44560-4850
The Unknown, P.O. Box 110361, Cleveland, OH 44111

Recieved this disc directly from Ken Blaze, the vocalist of Cleveland’s The Unknown which has been around in one form or another since 1989. The band’s current line-up is Ken Blaze on vocals and background vocals, Wayne Roscoe on drums, Chris Roscoe on guitars, and Brain P. McCafferty on bass and background vocals. On the band’s newest Pop Art CD on the small independent London UK label Boss Tuneage, The Unknown play some great pop-punk similar to the poppy sounds of Green Day, The Queers, or The Replacements. How can a band playing this great pop punk be kept a secret this long? The Unknown have created one of the all time pop-punk gems that was ever made.

Sodom • M-16

SPV GMBH/Streamhammer
Sodom continues to create heavy death metal for the world. On their latest release, Sodom strikes out to the masses with an onslaught of slaughtering of the weak metal that is currently in the markerplace. Highlights of the CD include a cover of The Trashman’s “Surfin’ Bird” that is done a la Sodom.  The haunting “Napalm In The Morning” shows the horrible side of war and is scary. Overall, this is shown all over the all the orginal tunes on the release including “I Am The War,” “Minejumper,” “Genocide,” “Little Boy,” “M-16,” “Lethal Injection,” “Cannon Fodder,” “Marines,” and “Among The Weirdcong.”  Epically, Sodom has made a release truly shows that war is hell and may be considered today’s Johnny’s Got His Gun. A new metal classic and sing to the war that Sodom is a major force in brutality.

Britney Spears • “I’m A Slave 4 U” CD single

Jive Records
A more mature Britney Spears does this song produced by The Neptunes which reminds some people of a soundtrack to an adult film or playing at a strip bar. Actually a great song, even though it is done by Britney, who is known for her bubblegum songs. Interestingly, the instrumental version that is presented here shows that the instrumentation is groovy and funky like a hip-hop song. Way to go, The Neptunes, for bring Britney Spears to her next level. Awesome.

Spineshank • “New Disease” CD-5

Roadrunner Records
High energy hard rock with a groove and lyrics that can easily be understood and not mixed unintelligibly. Spineshank delivers two versions of the song “New Disease” on this CD-5 -- the full-length album mix and that an edit version. Spineshank continues to prove that the band is a band that deserves to be listened to, for they have a sound like a lot of people would love to hear. If you like bands like Nickleback or Fuel, give Sphineshank a listen, too, for you may enjoy this release, too.

Powerman 5000 • “Bombshell”/”Danger Is Go!” CD-5

The long awaited new Powerman 5000, and the material sounds more like Rob Zombie remixes than Powerman 5000.  One would would ever swear that “Bombshell” was a Rob Zombie tune that was thrown into a garbage can. But “Danger Is Go!” sounds like old school Powerman 5000... so, PM5000 fans, don’t worry, for the band still has the sound that rocks. This CD whets one's appetite for the rest of the album Anyone For Doomsday? Can’t wait to hear the whole CD.

Adagio • Sanctus Ignis

SPV/Limb Music
Progessive rockers Adagio do a CD which fans of  Malesteem or Vai would enjoy. 10 tracks of music fusing classical music with rock. Highlights include “Second Sight” with its almost Mozart-like intro, the bonus track which is the instrumental “Nifheiem” which is a rough home demo that one can’t wait to hear the polished version of, and an intrumental done progressive rock style of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song” which sounds eerie. Overall, Adagio is simply one of the best of the new breed of progressive rockers.

Wizard • Head of the Deceiver

SPV/Limb Music
Wizard reminds one of the first time you listened to Venom. Brutal, forceful, intense, and exterme. On Head of the Deciever, Wizard presesnts to the world on a silver platter a strong metal masterpiece.  The cover of the release shows a warrior decapitating his foe and holding his head in the winning the battle.  Songs that stand out on the release are “Magic Potion” with its Ronnie James Dio influenced sound, “Iron War” due to its screaming guitars, and “True Metal” devoted to the true metal scene and the way that true metal seems to be lost in today’s world. Wizard continues to prove the European metal is still alive and well.  Destined to become an underground metal classic.

Diabolic • Vengance Ascending

Olympic Recordings
Pushing metal to the extreme, Tampa’s Diabolic does black metal-grind-death that focuses on the morbid side of life. Leashing what is a violence nature in their music while increasing the strength of music, Diabolic delivers a CD that would fire your speakers. Ten hard edge tracks that grind your skull, especially “Possess The Strength” and “Cease To Be (3:33).” Diabolic is not for the weak at heart, so if you get brain seizures stay the heck away from this release. Diabolic proves that Florida is more than the Limp Bizkit crap that came from there.

Angra • Rebirth

Brazilian based Angra demonstrates a good hard progressive rock release with Rebirth. Reminds one of old vintage Helloween musicially and structure-wise. Angra adapts classicial guitar riffs and fuses it with speed metal. One of the CD’s best tracks is called “Visions Prelude” which is an adaptation of Chopin’s “Opus 24 in C Minor.” But “Holy Wars,” which is divided into two parts “Part I - Imperial Crown” and “Part II - Forgiven Return,” really shows that the band is true musicial geniuses in creating a true epic. In fact, all 10 tracks define how progressive metal should sound. Overall, a true masterpiece for the 2000s. Angra is a brutal force to reckon with.

Kreator • Violent Revolution

Back in the mid-’80s, if you were a metal head, you knew who Kreator was for their brute metal force. Well, the band is still going strong into the the 2000s. Violent Revolution gives fans of the band some new metal to munch into with 12 moltening tunes such as “Bitter Sweet Revenge,” “Mind on Fire,” and “Slave Machinery.”

For those who never experienced Kreator, this release is one that you must get your paws on, for it is a great introduction to the band. You can hear their screaming guitars, high ended vocals, and choatic rapid fire drumming.  And the song “Ghetto War” would make you start to head bang and mosh around. If you are starting to get mad at all the bands who are trying to be metal trend setters, then pick up a copy of this Kreator and go back to Metal 101:Kreator.

The Color Red
“Sore Throat”(demo version)/“Cleansing”(demo version) CD-5
BMG Entertainment
If these are only demo versions of The Color Red’s songs, makes one wonder what the actual songs are going to sound like, for the material is done especially well. “Sore Throat” has a vibe similiar to Fuel yet only highly orginal. This song demostrated that TCR has much talent and this song could be an AOR radio hit in no time. While “Cleansing” shows that the band is able to work in a studio and create some mind bending music, one must be impressed by the vocal overdubs and the hard edged guitars and the mix not getting over-drowned. In other words, The Color Red is a band to watch out for, and remember that  you heard about them here first.

Mortiis • M.E.

Earache Records
Strange new sound for a person whom has been best known so far as a Black Metal artist. Mortiis takes a stab at the industrial-Gothic world and creates a masterpiece that even Al Jorgenson or Trent Reznor would be proud of. The material is still dark in nature yet and even more personal on this release. “Parasite God” with its heavy guitar drops and a repeat of “I want to be your parasite god so I can show what you really are... I want to your parasite god so I can show you who really are” shows the darkness of Mortiis while he even atempts to do a power ballad-like tune on “Monolith” which sounds like a pagan witch ceremony. Mortiis may still be the best kept secret in the metal underground. Overall, one of the best musical releases in a while.

Patrick Green • “Girlfriend” CD-5

Waldoxy Records
Remembers one of  the old Southern blues mixed with a blend of the Stax Records sound. Patrick Green does a great song about the relationship of a girlfriend and her best girlfriend who does not have a man through the eyes of the man. Patrick Green makes you see the story, which is rarely done in music today. A classic situation of life told by Patrick Green which deserves to heard. Add this single to your collection as soon as possible.

The Beatles • One Before 911

Secret Trax
This import double CD contains material that the Fab Four recorded during early 1963 in the studio and contains the complete session of the song “From Me To You” Takes 1 to Take 13 which show how the band worked together in the studio. The listener hears Geogre Martin do the take numbers, Lennon and McCartney laughing, George fooling around on the guitar, and Ringo missing some drum beats plus the harmonies of the song done a capella... along with the takes that were used to edit the song into it finish form.  Most importantly, this CD shows a side of the Beatles which was never truly captured on the Anthology series or the One album, for its show the creative side of the four Liverpool lads which few got to witness first hand and the humor that they had and the hard work they put into their early recordings.  A historical document for all Beatles fans everywhere.

Johnny Rebel
"F*** You, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem)" CD single
Aggwood Records
After a 32 hiatus from the music word, the most constroversial country performer ever in the history of music has come back and recorded one of the most talked about underground songs devoted to Osama Bin Laden called “F*** You, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem).”  This record is not politically correct and a lot of listeners will be offended by it, but remember that this is same Johnny Rebel who recorded the cult classics “The Garden Song” as Flithy McNasty and “Stay Away From Dixie”as Johnny Rebel. Johnny Rebel was a big underground country preformer from the South during the 1960s and was re-discovered via various illegal bootleg compilations and Howard Stern who got into a controversy with Johnny Rebel when he compared J.R. to David Alan Coe. “F*** You, Osama Bin Laden! (Infidel Anthem)” is a rock-a-billy number declaring Osama to play with his ya ya.  Political correct this is not, but if you are willing to listen to this CD then listen it with an open mind, for you may get offended due to its old fashioned Southern feeling.

David Allan Coe • 18 X-Rated Hits

Finally a legal David Allan Coe greatest hits package combining materials from his mid-’70s adult records Nothing Sacred and Underground. Both CDs have been widely bootlegged, and David felt it was neccessary to remaster the recordings so he decided to re-issue the recordings as a best of  both x-rated albums. This release is not very politically correct due to its content -- in fact, one could not ever list most of the songs which appear on the CD without censoring, but the songs that one can mention here include “Jimmy Buffett (Don’t Live in Key West)” which is David attacking a reviewer who compared the DAC band to Jimmy Buffett. Also, the song "Three Biggest Lies" tells about the lies that a man uses to get a woman to sleep with him. This is not for your run of the mill country fan, but if you like raunchy, outlaw rebel, Southern fried rock and roll, then this is for you.

Pink Floyd & Friends • Interstellar Overdrive

Power Sound 2001
Recently received this CE and decided to review it. Much of the material here seems to center around the two tracks done by Pink Floyd -- “Intersteallar Overdrive” and “Nick’s Boogie.”  Both tunes seem to be unedited live tunes with Syd Barrett from the mid-’60s. Also include other era recordings by Alan Ginsberg “Tonite Let’s Make Love In London,” Fleetwood Mac “Man of the World,” The Small Faces “Here Come The Nice,” P.P. Arnold “Angel of the Morning,” The Nice “America,” and The Moody Blues “Stop.” Also includes a snippet of an interview with Mick Jagger down in the mid-’60s. Overall, a great compilation for people who enjoy the Britsh Invasion sounds.

Machine Head • Supercharger

Roadrunner Records
Close to sixty minutes of supercharged high energy rock and roll. Machine Head outproves themselves on this release. Imagine the mighty Slayer mixing with the hard edged stuff that Rob Zombie did with White Zombie. Machine Head combines grunting distorted vocals with harmonies that Slipknot would wish they could do. Supercharger brings the band in a new direction, and the average metal fan would go wild for it. One knows that metal has not achieve the potential wish it deserves in recent years, but Machine Head continues to bring the sound back to the masses.  The fourteen tunes on the CD prove that Machine Head can rock with the best, and the best tracks are “Brown Acid,” “Kick You When You’re Down,” “Only The Names,” “Nausea,” and the song devoted to today’s generation “Black Generation.” Take your middle finger out and yell “F- you,” for Machine Head have come to take over the world via Supercharger.  A must-have CD.

Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt (Roadrunner)
Basicly a compilation of old Misfits tunes that the band recorded for their self-produced fan singles, their web page, and bonus tracks for their European and Japanesse cds.  Includes some classic tunes such as their version of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash”, “I Wanna Be A NY Range”, “Helena Doll”,  and “1,000,000 Years B.C.” Plus for the people whom don’t have the Jappaness pressing of The Misfit’s Mars Attack cd, the demos which appeared there are included here. So if you want to hear some lost gems by The Misfits and don’t want to play a lot of cash, pick up this release. And by the way Glenn Danzig does not appear on this cd.

Slipknot • "Left Behind" CD-5

Roadrunner Japan
Track listing for this import CD-5 of Slipknot’s “Left Behind” is the following: “Left Behind,” which is the album version from the release Iowa, two live tracks “Surfacing” and “Liberate” which were recorded during 2001, and a video track for “Left Behind.” Slipkot fans everywhere should look for this CD-5, for it is worth the time and effort just to see the video. Makes a lot of people wish that there were more CD-5’s like this issued in the US so we don’t have to pay the high cost of an import. Overall, a CD which is worth its money.

Anyone • EPK

Roadrunner Records
Presenting a view of the band so people could see how the band looks. Overall, a good way of highlighting the music of the band and a great introduction to how they look. Imagine Mudvayne meeting Slayer meeting King Diamond and you've got Anyone. This is one of the new up-and-coming bands to watch for, and they are not just anyone... they are Anyone.

Velocette Recordings Sampler

Velocette Records, 83 Waltson St., Atlanta, GA 30303
Indie sounding rock by bands such as Beluah, Juicifer, and The Glands. Beluah sound like a translucive Beck with a garage guitar sound meeting hippie groove rock. Jucifer plays rock sort of like Tool fusing with The Pixies or Liz Phair or Garbage. The last band on the CD, The Glands, have country twang attacking a Weezer sound melting into a hodge podge of rock. Overall, these bands prove that indie rock is still rocking. A good sampler.

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