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American Head Charge American Head Charge

American Recordings
Demonstrates the high energy of AHC, and finally one can see how this band looks. The video contains footage of various videos which the band has made which can be best described as NIN or Tool-like in nature while the band looks like a cross between Mudvanye and Slayer. One must love the pig heads shot in the video which is gross but cool.  This is not the kind of video which you place near Barney or Sesame Street, but it is an classic neo-metal video. Makes one wonder if there is ever going to be a full length video compilation for the band soon. A good promotion tool for the band.

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations

Creative Thinking International
A distrubing look at Memphis Six murder trials. A great look at the trial and how the media focused on the trail. This movie is a must for someone to see to understand the American court system and American values. While should one mention the movie here is that the trial has optioned suppose of musicians such as Eddie Vedder and others. [? -Ed.] Distrurbing is how the movie makes you think of what can happen today. The impact of a documentary like this is that it seems to be a mystery of if the real killer is still out there. A good view of the Memphis Six.

Sum 41 Going Going Gonorrhea

Island Records
A good view of the backstage fun and the crazy actions that this Canadian band has done on the road such as spraying people in a car with super water guns, spraying people riding bikes, spraying pizza delivery guys, and trashing a hotel. Interesting view of Sum 41 whom are one of the new and upcoming punk rock bands. Good stuff.

Sum 41 Warning! Contain Coarse Language, Bried Nudity, and Immature Subject Matter EPK

Island Records
Another view of Sum 41... damn, this band gets crazyier on each video. A good view on how punk is still active in bands like Sum 41.  No wonder this band is so big.

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