"Slim Chance and the Possibles in Grand Ledge"

by Bob Smith

Back in September, while cruising the bar scene, I stumbled across the Driver On Inn located in Grand Ledge. I pulled up a stool and ordered a tall cold one when the sweet sound of Grand Funk entered my ears. Wow! Was it deja vu? Was I back to my hippie roots? No... It was the sound produced by four local guys named Slim Chance and the Possibles. During the evening, I was entertained to the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Savoy Brown, Foghat, John Cougar, and many, many more guitar-based tunes.

The four guys are Jeff Burt on guitar, Jeff Reynolds on bass, Steve Gallimore on guitar, and Eric Anderson on drums. These Lansing area musicians have been playing together in this configuration for quite some time. I suggest that you try to check them out. The most recent sighting was at Bill's Country Tavern in Vermontville.

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