"Publisher's Note"

by Geoff Wilbur

Hello! Those of you who are reading the print edition are either subscribers or are featured in this issue. You see, we here at the RENEGADE are taking it easy during the holidays -- we're taking a break from advertising sales and distribution; for the first time since our initial issue four and a half years ago, the Lansing edition of the RENEGADE is not available on the streets of Lansing -- it's only available to subscribers and online at http://membrane.com/renegade. About me: Since 1989, my articles have been published in several states and in two foreign countries. During that time, I have seen many outstanding bands go unnoticed. It is my goal to introduce as many of these great bands as possible to interested fans and music industry insiders. Therefore, with your support, I will bring the best of the music industry to Lansing, while introducing the national music industry to the best of Lansing's local music scene. If you like what you read, see the subscription information on pages 5 and 7 for our reasonable subscription rates.

Thanks for reading!


Geoff Wilbur

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