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The Fringe - Chardonnay

38567 Beecher Dr., Sterling Hts., MI 48312
This suburban Detroit quartet was chosen last summer to open for John Fogerty as part of VH-1ís "Rock Across America" contest. Itís easy to see why. The band has a flair for a clever or insightful lyric and the songs are simply sublime. A little bit British Invasion here, a little Elvis Costello and Barenaked Ladies there, they do it all. Essential listening!!!!!!
- Eric Harabadian

The Situation - The Situation

Apricot Records
This N.Y. trio is odd in more ways than one. A little sloppy (intentional?), but funny, they have a selection of tunes that makes the listener's ears twitch with intrigue. "Say Uncle" isn't the best choice for an LP opener, sounding a little like a theme song from a bad '80s movie, but it picks up with the self-described "white rap" song "What Would DeNiro Do?," then chugs along with the semi-funky "In The Zone." "You Are The One" has that 1970s one hit wonder feel (that's a compliment!), complete with keyboards acting as a string section and a cheesy romantic chorus. These guys could have been big in the early 1980s, maybe along the lines of Men At Work or Hall And Oates. Is that good? Sure, why not!
- Brendan Hagin

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