"Slavicsky's Smorgasbord"

by Al Slavicsky
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Kilgore Smudge - A Search For Reason

Revolution/Unsound Records
Produced by Ed Stasium, who in the past worked with numerous acts including Living Colour, Kilgore Smudge unleashes a release which is heavy yet has some industrial overtones in it. This reminds one of Fear Factory meets Suicide Machine. The 12 tracks on the release are all worthwhile tunes, especially "Providence" and "TK-421," which has a guest appearance by Burton Hall of Fear Factory. If you are searching for a reason, then check out Kilgore Smudgeís A Search For Reason... for you will find your reason.

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Greatest Hits

Jive Records
Finally, they decided to issue a compilation of all the great rap hits which Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince did. For those who are unfamiliar with this rap duo, it contains the legendary Philadelphia disc jockey Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith, star of movies such as Men in Black and the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) who were old school rappers with a style which appealed to the youth of the 1980s. Some of the classic tunes include "Girls Ainít Nothing But Trouble," "Parents Just Donít Understand," "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson," "Boom! Shake the Room," and "Ring My Bell." Also included are a few new gems such as Will Smithís solo hit "Men in Black" and "Just Cruisiní," and a previously unreleased theme to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Classic dance and rap for your car, house, and club.

Super Frienz - Baby Muva CD-5

J-Town Records
Destined to be an instant club classic, Super Frienz delivers a tag team-like vocal track over the mega-beats of the disco classic, Anita Wardís "Ring My Bell" and mixes them with keyboard loops and more on the radio and club versions. On the DJ Magic Mike Remix, we get to hear Twilight 22ís "Electric Kingdom" and other old school backbeat in the mix. This mix will be blasting from autos all over the street, for it is the fresh and dope. Super Frienz brings the club to the street. Old school rap for the future of hip-hop.

Deathkids - Bleeding & Praying/Born to Hell sampler

Aardvark Records, P.O. Box 139, Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Four songs of brutal death metal with a flair of grind thrown into the mix. Deathkids are young teenagers doing some of the most brutal stuff you will ever hear. The A side is newer material which is well-produced and mixed -- the two tracks are "Sacrillege" and "Crushed & Dismembered," which were recorded in 12/97. Side B, which was recorded 9/95, is much rawer, eviller, and death-like -- the two tracks "C-Section" and "Forgotten" both rule, with "C-Section" being the tapeís best track. Watch -- these kids will take you to hell and back.

Home Grown - "All That You Have"/"Sheís Anti"

Outpost Recordings
Impressive release highlighting two songs from the bandís album Act Your Age. Both songs have a Reel Big Fish meets The Descendents type of feeling to them. "All That You Have" is emo-ska-core which has a catchy riff that you somehow canít get out of your mind. "Sheís Anti" is a track that you swear could have been The Descendents or Samiam. Home Grown brings ska punk to its next level. Very refreshing.

Human Waste Project - E-Lux

Hollywood Records
If you've been down in the gutter and need something to kick you in the butt and rock, Human Waste Project delivers you the butt kicking you need. Aimee Echo's vocals are soothingly sweet yet full of sexual passion over the traumatic sounds created by bassist Jeff Schartoff, guitarist Mike Tempestra, and drummer Scott Ellis. The material is heavy industrial sounding metal with a flair of gothic overtones. One must admire the way HWP presents, especially on the sober track "Drowned" and on "Interlude," with its haunting piano interlude, but the song that best represents the release is "Hold Me Down" due to industrial soundscape and Aimee Echo's hold me down vocals.

Acumen Nation - More Human Heart

Conscience Records
Diversity in the world of electronica-industrial is what Acumen Nation does here. Some of the tracks remind one of high energy electronica similar to the Chemical Brothers or Prodigy, especially on "F*ck Yer Brains Out" and "Revelations Per Minute," but on others like NIN or Gravity Kills such as "The Funny Thing Is" and "Bleed for You," Acumen Nation really makes you think the direction the band is leaning to -- is it the electronica movement or the industrial movement which might tune out your average listener?

Main Source - Breaking Atoms

Wild Pitch Records
This 1991 release has been recently re-released on Wild Pitch and demonstrates how the jazz-hip hop-soul connection got started. Main Source originally got lost in the shuffle due to the gangsta rap and west coast sound that has control of the rap marketplace. Jazzy beats combine with scratch and a Tribe Called Quest type vocal track which cooks today better than in the old school era. Highlighted by the scratch-infested "Watch Roger Do His Thing" and the two versions of "Just a Friendly Game of Baseball." Intense mixing of cool styles -- Main Source is the crew.

Plexi - Cheer Up

Lava/Atlantic Records
Need something to cheer up to? This is the release. Plexi plays a sort of grunge style with electronic noise. Plexi does a great love ballad called "Star Star," which is your typical p.o. romance song full of explicit language and vulgarities -- this is one of the many gems on Cheer Up. Thirteen tracks that give you a kick the arse and punch out with Novocain. Plexi is one band who provides the Big Star sound live.

DJ John Kelly - Knee Deep

Moonshine Music
Most people do not believe that DJs are talented artists and musicians, but on DJ John Kelly's new release Knee Deep, he is able to redefine that belief. DJ John Kelly takes some of today's best hard techno, trance, and nuskool funk breakbeats and creates a mixing masterpiece with 15 cuts by CJ Bollard, Urban DK, Rabid Punk, and others transforms them into one of the best non-stopped mixed CDs. DJ John Kelly pushes the electronica movement to its edge and over. Overall, a must for any rave or house party.

Caustic Resin - Mysteries of.../Hold Your Head Up 12"

Alias Records
With a green silk screen picture on the back of the record, Caustic Resin does two tracks from the Alias record release. "Mysteries of..." is a warped, modern rock tune with a '70s feel to it, for it is very psychedelic in nature while being electric and speed-like. Sounds like a transcending melodic tune with pure hard aggression with a mind-altering guitar feedback. This is way different than the early '90s grunge sound, for it has an intense groove to it that slowly flows into that bandís cover tune of Agentís "Hold Your Head Up," which is different, for it is more hard and intense. Overall, this disc is worth trying to find if you can find one... just to see the silk screen picture.

Lost Goat - Golem/October 7"

Alternative Tentacles Records
Spooky Halloweenish type crossover Gothic-punk. Lost Goat sounds like what one would get if Merciful Fate and (old) Misfits had a bastard child. "Golem" is a bloody rocking masterpiece, which will get you into pieces due to its rough and raw groove, while "October" is a tune which will be played at all punk rock Halloween parties each and every year. Lost Goat is a brutal band that plays with the fire and walks right into it.

Sublime/Wesley Willis Fiasco split 7"

Skunk Records
Rarely a seven inch delivers two great bands, but this seven inch does that and more. Sublime does a classic version on "All You Need," which sounds better here and more natural than the version which is on the Robbin' The Hood CD. Wesley Willis Fiascoís side is warped and demented. I donít know what direction of mind that this band was in recording this stuff, but it rocks in a strange way. Worthy release of vinyl... get it now before it is too late and you miss out on something special.

Sidedoor Johnnies/Bello Lamb split 7"

Good Guppy Records
Sidedoor Johnnies do a poppy sound like the Cure but more aggressive and more raw-like. "Consuela" is pure pop with a kick in your seat with its melodic hook, and "I Know" is a jumpy number. Flip the disc over, and you hear some great punk í77-sounding music from Bello Lamb -- the Sex Pistols-like "All Wrong" and the Germs-like "Graveyard Rock." Overall, the platter is worth taking a hit out of, for it is that good.

Nobodys - V.M. Live presents Nobodys 8/29/96, Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL 7"

V.M.L. Records
Part of the V.M.Live series, preserving samples of some of the great live shows within the independent music scene today, this release highlights the Nobodys. Contains 10 songs clocking in at 11:14... sound is raw and totally live just as you would get if you were actually there. Drunks chanting, microphones humming, and various other noises which one would hear at an independent punk show. The Nobodys do snotty noisy punk with a major kick to it, such as "Kielbasa Queen," "Sick of You," "Donít Touch Me," "Addicted to Porn," and "F... You Too." True punk with power... donít let it melt to your turntable, for itís hot.

NOTE: Due to space constraints, the following reviews were not included in the print edition of Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter.  These reviews are only available here in the online edition.

Tura Santana - Relief Through Release

F.A.D. Records
Formerly known as Manhole from Los Angeles, Tura Santana demonstrates a high impact release of power metal with an edge of industrialized hard-core. Tarrie B.'s vocals melt away the souls of the wicked while Scott Veda's guitars and chaotic voices wreak havoc against Rico Millasenor's bass and even now and then stone vocals; all this overlaid over Marcelo Palomino's primitive but brutal drums. Some of the material has a mid-gothic flair to it. Out of the 13 tracks, major standouts include "Negative Creep," "Relapse," and "Luna." This is one band to watch out for, and if you're lucky to have a PC, it has an added bonus for you to see.

Hateplow - Everybody Dies

Pavement Music
This CD is brutal and beyond belief. Too bad the band went through great tragedy to see this release. You see, the drummer of Hateplow, Larry Hawke, died during the recording of this release. This release serves as a memory to him. And what a disc this is! 16 hard driving hard metal tracks which burn, featuring Phil Fasciana from Malevolent Creation and former Cannibal Corpse member Rob Barrett. With songs such as "$20.00 Blow Job," "Prison Bitch," and "Anally Annie," this release will make the PMRC take note. However, the two covers on the release, Creamís "Sunshine of Your Love" and the "Pepe Lopez Song," prove that the band has a sense of humor. Butt kicking release.

Cranium - Speed Metal

Necropolis Records
Old school dark thrash in the vein of sounds of such ancient martyrs as Slayer, Possessed, and Sodom. Cranium cranks up the destructional terror and rises up to mold the nation in a bloodbath of total black thrash. The grooves flow in the river of Styx and melt into an evil mayhem. Cranium awakens the dead and torments the living with violent sounds. A musical bloodshed of speed metal.

Loreena McKennitt - The Book of Secrets

Quinlan Road/Warner Brothers Records
A release which molds elements from many cultures into one. Folk style in nature, Loreena McKennitt relaxes you with her enchanted vocals, which have a unique Canadian-Celtic mood, while the music is a combination of Trans-European and Middle Eastern vibe. All the songs are especially well performed, especially "Skellig," "Marco Polo," and "Danteís Prayer." The only major disappointment of the release is that the version of "The Mummerís Dance" on the album is the non-remixed version, but itís still an excellent release.

Dawn - Slaughersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

Necropolis Records
This Swedish quintet enlightens the black metal world with a strong release which combines vintage 1980s black metal sounds similar to Venom and Mayhem with atmospheric metal. The intro to "The Knell and the World" is hauntily morbid with harmonious classical music then turns into heavy, dark black metal. Seven intense tracks which make the world bleak. Dawn is a strong band to create evil. Unleash the darkness and spread it to the world via Dawn.

Nifelheim - Devilís Force

Necropolis Records
Never would one believe that this pure cult death metal band from Sweden would record an album with Brazilian influences. Bleak, dark, evil, and pure brutality, Nifelheim creates an album which literally makes you want to scream for vengeance. With songs such as "Deathstrike From Hell," "Demonic Evil," "Satanic Mass," "Soldier of Satan," and "Desecration of Dead," Nifelheim burns its impression into your membrane and lights it one fire. Also, their re-recording of "Hellish Blasphemy" from the Gummo soundtrack is awesome. Black metal for hardcore people.

Savatage - The Wake of Magellan

Lava/Atlantic Records
>From the metal band which refuses to die, Savatage creates a musical soundscape which has the flow of bands such as Dream Theater, E.L.P., and Yes, but only more heavy metal influenced. Savatage is able to use acoustic guitars, combining them with electric guitars, keyboards, and drums. This is one of the greatest modern day concept albums ever assembled. It tells a story of a man who is fighting to survive the real world and all the torture and horror it brings. He is a captain who sees his ship fall apart literally, spiritually, and psychically. Savatage brings this saga to life and captures it through 13 of the 16 tracks. The last three are bonus acoustic tracks which add to the release.

Automatic Head Detonator - Buffalo EP

Lo-Fi Records
Rarely does a four track EP equal the power of a full-length release, but this one does. Automatic Head Detonator delivers some of the most intense sounds heard on disc in some time. Has influences of industrial, death, rap, and dub music rolled into one. They describe their sound as 100% cranium-crushing, sampledelic, garage dub techno punk, which is exactly what it is. All four tracks kick butt, especially "Bring It Back," with the Robin Williams Peter Pan sample, "M.F.," exactly what you think it is, and their cover of Spoonie Geeís "Gucci Time," titled "Gucci Jam," which proves that the band is diverse. Watch out for this band to explode.

The Ziggens - Pomona Lisa

Skunk Records
Surfís up, and The Ziggens bring surf music to the 1990s style. Produced by Elliot Easton of the 1980s rock and roll legends The Cars, The Ziggens deliver 19 tracks of pure mayhem, classic surf punk. Highlights include "Surfiní Buena Park" with its Sublime "Pawnshop" riff, "The Waitress Song," which is a rerecording of the bandís classic anthem, "Something About a Waitress," "The Spy Who Dubbed Me," which is a dub version of their song "The Spy Who Dumped Me," which originally appeared on the 1997 Fall Sampler, and "Fat Charlie," which parodies The Doors. The Ziggens have come a long way, so wake up and smell The Ziggens.

L.A.L. - #1 U.S.A.

K Records
Simply one of the better albums to hit my CD player in some time. The first eight songs are the great punk numbers which make you wanna get up and pogo the night away. Highlights of this have to include "Vacation," "Iím a Bee," and "Phobias." Great up-and-go numbers. However, the five untitled bonus tracks are the key to this release, which is very experimental in nature, ranging from noise to acid to feedback to scratch effects to jazz-influenced punk. L.A.L. provides a soundtrack for punks and experimentalists everywhere, and #1 U.S.A. delivers the picture.

Lord Runningham - Fun For the Whole Family

Moonshine Music/Bottom Heavy
>From time to time, a new electronic master enters the world, and this time it is Lord Runningham. Rave-like music with jazz riffs and sample-infested sounds. This is clubland mixed into a space and time phase shift. One must especially admire the Woody Allen sample on "Sweet Little Hats" mixed in a jazz groove of jazzmaster Rollins. The jazz sound makes this electronic release one of the most futuristic fusions of sounds. Six tracks to make you rave; fun for the whole family.

Superstar DJ Keoki - Inevitable Alien Nation

Moonshine Music
A continuous mix of favorite songs which Keoki selected from his own personal collection and personally remixed and mixed them to create a party trance. This release will give someone an insight of where Keoki is planning to take his turntable techniques in the future. Anybody who can mix Coldcut (featuring Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys) doing "Every Hope" into the strong electronic backbeats of Rainbow Bridgeís "For Miles" and make it sound as if it was a continuous tune is great. Keoki puts his heart and soul into the mix of 15 tunes by the likes of Space Invaders, Ed the Red, Junkie HL, Minty, Naked Funk, Southside Reverb, and others to do a release worthy of any party.

DJ Micro - Presents Micro-Tech-Mix

Moonshine Music
Continuing the long line of preserving the top DJ talent in the world today, Moonshine Music delivers another ace from its sleeve on this platter. DJ Micro mixes up some of the best underground raves heard on wax in some time -- hi-energy beats transformed into a mega-groove of audio sound directly from DJ Microís wheels of steel. This is like having your house party on one disc. It presents such rave legends as Vincent De Moor, Mr. Rossi feat. UFO, Keoki, Deepsky, Tenth Chapter, Exit EEE, DEA Silver EP, Alan D. Parker, X-Dream & Vicious Vic, Hardfloor, Ascension, Blackout, and Boston Bruins... this list is like a whoís who of the rave-electronica sound. Get off your booty and dance, dance, dance.

Omar Santana - Hardship Tricked Out -- A Hardcore Acid Backbeat Mix

Moonshine Music
Omar Santana has been around the club scene for years, since the late 1980s, remixing music for the youth. On this release, Omar travels deep into the hardcore acid breakbeat sound to create an audio soundscape of nuclear energy from your speakers. Able to flow from 0 bpm to 128 bpm and vice versa at a drop of the dime, Omar really outdoes himself. One must admire the way he transforms grooves from the "Dark Side of The Shroom" into "Tales >From the Hardside" into "Imperial Stroomtroopers" to make the groove segue in flow. All tracks were originally on Omarís Tricked Out recording and represent who Omar really is. This is the ultimate Omar Santana mix.

Pissing Razors - Pissing Razors

F.A.D. Music
Deep thoughts and heavy sounds are heard on this release. From the start to the finish, one can admire the extreme raw energy, which this band captures. Reminds one of Machinehead, Biohazard, or Stuck Mojo. Lyrically, the band almost has a street mentality on songs such as "World of Deceit" or "Dodging Bullets." But what really makes this release is the rap-like segments heard over the heavy guitars and brutal drums, and intertwined with vocals. Overall, Pissing Razors proves that it is a hard working band willing to step up to the court.

The Orange County Supertones - Supertones Strike Back

BEC Recordings
Combining contemporary Christian lyrics and an uptempo, punk-ska beat similar to Operation Ivy and The Toasters, The O.C. Supertones present a release which will appeal to both the mainstream and the CCM scenes. Some may compare them to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones due to their use of a well-developed horn section and hardcorish vocals... hard to believe there is really a strong message behind the music. Cuts which are the most enjoyable are "Supertones Strike Back," "Grace Found," and "Unite." Radical, pure skacore which deserves to be in your CD player. Wake up, world, and pray with the O.C. Supertones, and skank for the Lord.

Inside - "Wait Until Tomorrow"/"Regarding Time Lost" 7"

Redwood Records, 1025 North Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92832
Poppy sounding uptempo garage rock with an impressive hook to it. Reminds me of the late '70s punk of Elvis Costello, Tube Way Army, and The Undertones. It seems that they are taking a big step here with this platter. Maybe soon pop radio will open up to this band. Out of the two numbers on this seven inch, "Regarding Time Lost" is the song which stands out due to its lyrics are so personal and makes you actually see a relationship fall apart. If Inside continues to do songs like this their future is bright.

2 Skinnee J's - Supermercado!

Capricorn Records
Shocking major label debut from this hip-hop band from New York. This is one of the best things to hit the hip-hop train in years. Kind of like The White Boyz, Beastie Boys, and The Lords of Brooklyn in rapping style but on a more exotic, bizarre tip. 2 Skinnee J's represent what the next wave of rap will be -- old school via the new school philosophy. "Riot Nerd" has a groove acoustic guitar intro only to go into a bridge over trouble water bass vibe. If you don't get the first time you hear the album, listen to it again for this cooks like a bar-b-que in mid-July. Simply put it this is one of the breakthrough releases in 1998.

Cirrus - "Back on a Mission" Pre-Release Sampler

Moonshine Music
The future of electronic music is here on this three song sampler from Cirrus' new album which is to be released in August 1998. The material combines elements of trance hop and electronic pop. Cirrus really out did themselves on this outing. One must admire the way in which they mix scratches and techno beats with soulish R&B vocals and raps on "Back on a Mission." Transformation of sounds make Cirrus the future of dance music which will never be the same after Cirrus invades the world. The next wave of electronic dance music is here and Cirrus is the name.

Slightly Stoopid - The Longest Barrel Ride

Skunk Records
Stoners will love this marijuana infested reggae-punk-ska outfit from the West Coast. With songs such as "Just a Buzz" and "I'm So Stoned," one can see where these guys have there minds. But what are some of the better jams include the reggae infested "Free Dub," "Living Dread," and "Roots Rip." Slightly Stoopid brings the sounds of punk into the reggae culture which is some ways bring it to the metal world. Just put on this release and it will please the world and almost everybody except the DFA.

Sublime - "What I Got (Super no Mofo Edit)"/"Rivers of Babylon" 7"

Gasoline Alley/MCA (England)
This yellow wax single is essential for those who own a turntable. The A side is a highly edited version of the band's hit single which has appeared on vinyl before. This is the first time "River of Babylon" appears on vinyl and is the first time the song is actually listed on any format -- it was originally an untitled bonus track on the band's debut release, 40 Oz. To Freedom. This song really grooves and has a live dance hall feel to it. A worth "wild" release.

Corn Doggie Dog and the ½ Lb. - Corn Doggie Dog and the ½ Lb.

Skunk Records
The long awaited debut release from Corn Doggie Dog and the ½ Lb. is one of the premiere releases of 1998. Most of the tracks on this compact are classic Falling Idol songs redone 1990s style. However, there are a few hidden new gems in the mix such as "Vanilla Extract," a parody of Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" and the crazy, insane spoken word segments of the Z-Man on "Z-Man's Spoken Word" and his off-the-wall parody of The Courtship of Eddie's Father theme, which will make Bill Bixby roll over in his grave, called the "The Courtship of Eddies M-Head." Punk is still alive and Corn Doggie Dog and ½ Lb. Is the real deal.

Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat Finks - In Blower Explosion

Skunk Records
Let's travel back to a time when dragsters ruled the highways of America and where boys would mold their cars into vintage pieces of American dreams. Del Noah and the Mt. Ararat Finks preserves that time via reviving classic hot rod gems such as the theme from "The Big Payroll Caper" and Bert Convey's "Chicken." What makes you really fire your motor is the special guest appearance of Grizzly Adams himself -- Dan Haggerty -- on "Sasquatch on a Snowmobile" and "Re-Satch-A-Go-Go," plus the band's cover of classic Hanna Barbera live show Danger Island theme from The Banana Splits T.V. show. On your marks, get ready, and go; this instant classic is the way to go.

Fall From Grace - Fall From Grace

Mayhem/Fierce Recordings
Groovish, intense melodic metal with powerful yet understandable vocals. Sounds similar to Soundgarden's later sound but more refreshing and strong. This release is one which you must listen to a couple of times to completely understand the music. Strong riffs and instrumentation from this New Orleans band. Mystically Fall From Grace proves to the world that they are a force to reckon with. 11 standout tunes, especially "Feel," "Gone," and "Hero Zero." If you want to hear the future of rock, Fall From Grace is the band you want to hear.

Pro-Pain - Pro-Pain

Mayhem Records
This is the band's third release and is their best to date. Extreme old schoolish hard-core sound fused with the in your face metallic riffs. Very political in nature and can make you take another look at the system in which we are living. Out of the mold the vintage hard-core legend the Crumsuckers, Pro-Pain proves on 11 fighting anthems. Experimenting with the use of reverb vocals on "Time," Pro-Pain continues to mold their sound as one of the most hard working bands in the world. Other stand out tracks include "Smokin' Gun" and "Love/HB." NYC's prime ministers of hard-core metal can be defined in one band -- Pro-Pain.

Demonic - The Empire of Agony

Necropolis Records
Norwegian black metal in the vain of mayhem and the Abyss, Demonic's debut full length delivers everything destined to create a black metal masterpiece with violent rip your heard vocals, blasphemous lyrics, sawblade sounding guitars, and soul molding drums combined to create total destruction which hasn't been around since Destruction, Exodus, or Venom. Total dark mayhem on the eight tracks with titles as "Diabolic Blood War" and "Lead Us Into Total Darkness." Demonic hails the reign of the darkness of Norway to enlighten the inferno to the world.

Arckanium - Kempen

Necropolis Records
Trollish black metal from the Swedish forests, Arckanium use the forces of nature such as water, birds chirping, owls hooting, thunder, rain, and the wind moving against the forces of black metal guitars, heavy drums, and ancient Swedish lyrics devoted to the trollish overlord Pan. Most of the titles are hard for English people to relate to "Kamps Tekn," "Pa Gruvstiigher Vandrum," and "Trulfyket.Rapz Ok Os." Sounds like Viking anthems. 72 mins. darkness within the forest, Arckanium awakes the strengths of decaying leaves and rots the flesh of the light. Strong release.

The Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In

K Records
If you need a release of modern day folky sound progressive punk, The Halo Benders deliver a blow by blow power punch from the Northwest. Musically reminds one of a Beck honed into an audio tunnel with reverb echoes. The Halo Benders sing about the life of what rebels face today from the outpunks of society bliss. Cowpunks will look "Lonesome Sundance," surfers would like "Surfers Haze," and dubsters with a folk flair would love "Froggy Bottom." Strong release.

Stan Mosley - "Make You Wanna Cry" CD single

Malaco Records
Stan Mosley does a slow R&B/soul song with a hard 1960s male vocal style similar to Otis Redding and the whole Stax Recordings bands. The backing female vocals haunt the song, making it a sad soul music masterpiece. "Makes You Wanna Cry" is destined to be played in juke joints all around the world and give its listeners a tear in their beer due to its sadness.

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