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by Al Slavicsky
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Sublime - Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations -- The Documentary Video

Cornerstone R.A.S./Skunk Records
Sublime was one of the most influential bands in the past couple of years until the death of lead singer Bradley Nowell due to a heroin overdose. This video documents the complete history of the band through its early roots to the making of their historical major label debut album for MCA/Gasoline Alley. The video contains all kinds of rare live video clips including a rare Performance with Bradley and No Doubt's Gwen Stefani doing "Saw Red." Also includes interviews with adult film star Ron Jermey, Pennywise, No Doubt, The Ziggens, and Mike Watt to name a few. Also includes footage on how the band made their albums in the studio which is interesting. For over three houses, you see what Sublime is all about. This is a must for any loyal music fan.

Sublime - Sublime

MCA Music Video/Gasoline Alley
Finally the companion video for the first self-titled MCA/Gasoline Alley CD. Contains all the hit videos which have appeared on MTV, VH-1, and The Box -- "What I Got (Kahne Version)" and "What I Got (Leary Version)," directed by Clark Eddy, "Santeria," directed by Greg Abramson, which has a cameo from Zeus of WWF fame and Ice Cube's Friday movie, and "Wrong Way" and "Doin Time," which were directed by longtime Sublime video archivist Josh Fischel and adult entertainment director Gregory Dark of the Dark Bros. Fame. But also includes two seldom seen videos that Greg Abramson directed -- "STP" and the video which put Sublime on the musical map, "Date Rape" featuring Ron "The Hedgehog" Jermey, which became mainstreamish on 120 Minutes and Beavis and Butthead when it came out. Let's now hope that a live video will come out soon.

Incubus - A Certain Shade of Green

This is probably only a promo video from the band, but it shows that the band is getting more used to the video world. Incubus does an excellent job of bringing the bizarre into the mainstream. Production is top and sound is great. Incubus presents a fresh new approach to videos. This track definitely deserves to be aired on any view outlet which has the guts to play harder edged alternative metal. Overall, a classic video.

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