Achilles Heel

Achilles Heel (MP3)


It's time to navigate,
The straight,
And, narrow,
You be the bow,
I'll be the arrow.
Poof! I'm gone...
But, not for long,
Achilles tendon,
Then back again.

Can't deal with his heel,
Vulnerable to my spiel.

Thetis' dipping in the River Styx,
Oh, no, no, no... it couldn't fix,
Paris' tainted tip,
Apollo's invisible grip,
(Understand? Apollo's hand.)
Through the heel I... rip!

Ulysses shed's light,
That valor's all right,
But, wisdom has might.
Wisdom has the bite.

"Achilles himself was not destined to a long life. Having by chance seen Polyxena, daughter of King Priam, perhaps on occasion of the truce which was allowed the Trojans for the burial of Hector, he was captivated with her charms; and to win her in marriage, it is said (but not by Homer) that he agreed to influence the Greeks to make peace with Troy. While the hero was in the temple of Apollo negotiating the marriage, Paris discharged at him a poisoned arrow, which, guided by Apollo, fatally wounded him in the heel. This was his only vulnerable spot; for Thetis, having dipped him when an infant in the river Styx, had rendered every part of him invulnerable except that by which she held him.

The body of Achilles so treacherously slain was rescued by Ajax and Ulysses. Thetis directed the Greeks to bestow her son's armor on that hero who of all survivors should be judged most deserving of it. Ajax and Ulysses were the only claimants. A select number of the other chiefs were appointed to award the prize. By the will of Minerva it was awarded to Ulysses, -- wisdom being thus rated above valor. Ajax, enraged, set forth from his tent to wreak vengeance upon the Atridae and Ulysses. But the goddess robbed him of reason..."

-- Trojan War: The Story

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