Defibrillator (MP3)


Sure! We could use a defibrillator...

Don't sit back,
Don't relax,
Check your FAQ's,
Let your heart attack.

This is no time to be complacent,
What makes you certain of your placement?
Pull your skeleton out of the basement,
Then, write your commitment in cement.
(Enough of being hell-bent.)

Make it solid,
Make it last,
Take a stand,
Make a stand,
Take command,
Do! that you did,
Cementing your past,
Positioning your now,
With some real know-how.

Develop your knack,
Don't sit back,
Push to the max,
Don't relax,
Check your FAQ's,
And, start to pack,
Extract the abstract,
Let your heart attack!

Sure! We could use a defibrillator,
Sooner... rather than later.

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