Peace Release
(I Need A Release)

Live Reggae & Ska Music

Peace Release (mpeg music video)
Peace Release Part 2 (MP3)


There can be peace,
Just release,
There can be love,
Yes. Please!
It comes from above,
And, it's the least,
That we can do,
Let our hearts... be true.
(Let our hearts beat true.)

There can be peace,
Just release,
There can be hope,
Yes. Please!
We needn't elope,
I'd rather declare,
To anyone... everyone... everywhere.

We are at peace,
It will not cease,
We found our peace,
It came with ease,
You can have a piece,
Just release,
Release your commitment,
Release your attachment,
Forget your reluctance,
Come on and join us!

I need a release,
You need a release,
We need a release...
Of peace.

A peace release, please.

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