Appetite For Insight

Appetite For Insight (MP3)


Logic is logic,
It *is* prior to me,
So, I'd better think quick,
If I'm to see...
Reason rationally,
Instead of just talking silly.

If you think you didn't choose,
You still made a pick,
You're just more likely to lose,
And, be called thick.

Thick headed,
Universally dreaded,
When I talk the hypocrite,
I appear dim witted,
Why can't I get it?
When I walk the knave,
'tis no way to behave,
Please, slap me upside the head,
'till ya knock out all the dread,
If you can listen to what I've said,
Rid me of all dread,
And, I'll gladly be... dreadfree,
With an appetite for insight.

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