Big Todo

Big To-do (MP3)


I've still got a lot of things left to do,
I've gotta let you get who is who,
Still so much to do,
Oh, so much, so much to do.

We've still got a lot of things left to do,
That's right,
A lot of things left,
No spite,
No theft,
Just right,
Left to do.

Though they make a big to-do,
About their point-of-view,
They miss what's important to me and you,
Over silly things they go boo hoo,
You'd think they'd have a clue?


Since we've nothing better to do,
Let's make it better for all of you,
Really... nothing better to do,
Start each day with a life that's new,
Squeeze every moment from every day,
As we do... we'll find The Way.


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