What You Wish For

What You Wish For (MP3)


I should feel like such a jerk,
Having a knee-jerk reaction,
Cause maybe this is no quirk,
And, I'm determining the direction.

The things I strike out against,
May ricochet right back,
Causing self-imposed angst,
In a self-mutilating act...
A kamikaze like attack.

The hate I cast,
Comes back fast,
With even greater force,
Dividing all of us.

Hey! Ricochet?
Did I hear Her?
Like a mirror.

"I'm rubber.
You're glue.
Whatever you say,
Bounces off me,
And, sticks to you."

One thing's for sure --
Be careful what you wish for.
(Unless it's love forever...
That love will endure... it is our future...
That "the love I cast,
Will last... and last... and... last.")

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