Rise. Up. Ascend.

Rise. Up. Ascend. (MP3)

Am / G / Em


It sure is nice,
To get a rise, 
Outta you guys,
I'm glad to see,
You care about,
Humans out there.

   Rise. Up. Ascend.
   Before our end?
   A rising trend.
   Arising trend,
   If we'd just begin,
   It could happen.

To you I've sent,
An ascent,
And, I'm still sending,
Now, if we'd just start bending,
Our coarse course of action,
We might gain some traction.


I'm not finished yet,
And, am trying to get,
I'm trying to transcend,
... to help avoid our end,
I'm trying to radiate out,
What this world's love is about.

Can you feel it coming through,
The power of love being sent to you?
Are you receiving or disbelieving?
Are you sending or not transmitting?
Your body's not vacant,
It's your soul's haunt,
So, why not participate,
In hating hate?
Oh, yes... I suppose that's hard to do,
Thus, I confess... it's easier loving you.


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