Let's Get On (with Getting Along?)


Let's Get On (MP3)


Let's get on,
With getting along.
Helping each other through,
It's the least we can do.

People pushing,
People shoving,
What happened to the people loving?

Oblivious to the helpless.

People hurting,
People crying,
What happened to the people loving?

Oblivious to the helpless.

Trying to keep pace,
At winning the rat race,
What if it's just you,
That makes it through?
What good will that do?
Wouldn't you like a friend or two...

People crowding,
People hoarding,
It's a little foreboding.

People depriving,
People corrupting,
Making a disgrace,
All over the place.

People lying,
Lack of trying,
Guess we all end up dying?

Will it be just as well,
At the final bell,
If we take our business straight to hell?

(As we lost our goodness...
When your soul you sell.)

Going kicking,
Going screaming,
Too bad I ain't dreaming.

OR... we could...

Bring on the loving,
The caring,
The sharing.

It could be growing,
All over the planet,
If we plan it,
And, plant it...
You know,
It will grow.

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