Miracles (MP3)


What we need round here,
Are some miracles,
Some Act Of God,
Where heads will nod.

Icicles thawed,
In some men's core.
Is what we need round here,

Some Divine Intervention,
Resulting in human preservation.
Icicles melt,
In some soles' spirit.

Can you hear it?
What we need round here,
Warmth and glow,
Don'tcha know?

Dare one suggest,
You look in your chest,
Check your breast,
Feel for a flow,
Feel for the glow,
Of a miracle.

The seed is there,
Question is: aware?
Let the thaw begin,
It's growing season.

What we need round here,
Are some miracles,
Darkness sees the light,
All men's hearts turn bright.
A practical miracle...
Is what we need round here.

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