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"Andy Cahan is a miracle. He took the music I could only hear in my head and made it happen right out loud. Not only does he have the keen ability to get your dreams on tape the way you want them, but the creativity to offer his own wonderful touches. And best of all he does it without an ounce of ego.

Andy's the best!"

--Robin Greenspan

I have worked with the amazing Andy Cahan aka the Demo Dr. in his studio for the past two years. He worked various demos for me and on my own Album project . He has never failed to amaze me. His endless bank of sampled sounds allows you the choice of almost any instrument or sound. The samples are so good, when you play the finished product for people they believe instruments are real. His skill in getting the feel and groove is remarkable. He is an "idea" man who's patience is endless I know I pushed the envelope and he came through for me!
---Jeff Janning

If you're in need of first rate demos or, as in my case, producing professionally finished recordings, call ANDY. Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished professional musician, Andy's services can make you sound great ! And at an affordable price. Andy can assist you in every aspect of production from arranging your music to recording a professional, broadcast quality product. Should you want first rate session players for your project, Doc has many, many contacts to call on. And after your recording is completed, Andy can assist you with graphics , mastering, and even pressing a CD or cassette. This service takes so much of the guess work and uncertainty out of producing quality music today.
--Lewis Gumbeau

"The Demo doctor/Andy Cahan is one of the most talented, nicest, supportive producers I have ever met. He has help me a great deal with my music career, he is not only a great producer but a terrific teacher.
" --Lorre' Springsteen/musician

Andy Cahan is MORE than the Demo Doctor. He is also a SHAMAN who has ability to extract the musical visions from your soul and transform them into a tangible medium. This metaphysical process creates very clear, very spiritually clean compositions which match the intentions and ideals of the client.

This magic works in every conceivable style or genre of music. I am in total amazement at how it comes about. After any long session, I am never tired, but elated. It's like Andy knows what the spirit is seeking, and channels it through his hands and into the instruments.

It feels good. It's like getting a "soul massage.

" His ability as a composer and a musician is masterful, which facilitates a swift and smooth production.

His command of styles and genres, and comprehension of the attributes of the various instruments in his library (thousands of different samples of all kinds of instruments from all kinds of cultures) makes all his compositions sound like live musicians are playing them. This is true whether he is playing an electric guitar or a harmonica or a digeriedoo. He is especially good at drum composition and any piano or keyboard improvisation.

As a client of Andy's musical production studio, I have had an incredibly positive experience both mentally, spiritually, musically and monetarily. The technical work is done quickly and professionally. Andy's excellent compositions come quickly and seem almost effortless. The recording is done without a lot of hubbub in a comfortable and friendly environment.

I found working with Andy to be very cost efficient, actually CHEAP- compared to the alternatives.

And it is fun to work with Andy- he is a funny, dynamic, exciting, brilliantly creative person. Before coming to Andy, I was ducking it out with fellow band members in the recording studio at a much, much higher monetary cost- not to mention the cost to my nervous system and morale. None of this type of nonsense ever happens at Andy's. At Andy's, everything all happens TOO quickly- time goes by too fast. You go out better than you come in. And it's cheaper and better than therapy.

The work Andy did with me was something to be proud of, something to be amazed by, something to listen to. This kind of magic only happens when the people involved give 110%. Andy throws himself into it heart and soul, and gives his all. He puts much more into it than he takes out of it. I owe him a debt of gratitude- the kind of debt you owe a friend for doing you a BIG FAVOR. But he accepts nothing more from me than his professional fee, which is so cheap it's almost embarrassing to pay. It's like paying for three donuts and getting a whole dozen. That's just the way Andy is. (I guess his Karma account gets bigger every time he saves his clients money!)

Anyhow, if you think I'm exaggerating, you should go to the Demo Doctor and see for yourself. He guarantees that your demo will be to your complete satisfaction and he will work on it until it is- no matter how long it takes. So what have you got to lose? I was happy with the Demo Doctor and now have two albums worth of great music that I am supremely happy with! If I didn't believe that Andy could do the same for you, I wouldn't make this recommendation.
-Val Maylone

If you have an interest in making or promoting a demo, please email me - snarfel@rombox.com

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