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Mother Bacchus - Live at the Pontic Grille in Philadelphia (Streaming Video and Downloadable AVI's)

Formed nearly four years ago while the five members were students at Fordham University in the Bronx, NY, the band, "Mother Bacchus" has been packing them at recent shows. They currently play to large crowds at New York City's famed clubs CBGB's, The Elbow Room, Acme Underground and many more. The group is also well received on the college circuit, having performed at Penn State University, Delaware University, Scranton University, and Swarthmore University and scheduled to play at many other schools in the spring of 2000.

Besides their growing popularity on the college and New York City club circuits, the band, which features two 1995 graduates of St. Joseph's Prep School, drummer Bryan Master and rhythm guitarist Don McCloskey, has a huge following in Philadelphia. Other band members include lead singer Jeremy Browne, lead guitarist Paul Fix and bassist Mark Savage.

Currently living together in a Newark, NJ loft, Mother Bacchus is recording their highly anticipated demo at Big Zone Recording Studio in Conshohocken, where Philadelphia native G. Love & Special Sauce and others have recorded. Though you may not have heard Mother Bacchus' name just yet, there is a tremendous industry buzz regarding their sessions at Big Zone.

The group's eclectic mix of original material, built on sweet harmonies, clever lyrics and vibrant guitar hooks, caught the attention of Big Zone recording engineer Tom O'Brien, who immediately drove to New York City, contacted the band and sought to record them. The band and O'Brien hit off so well, that Mother Bacchus dropped plans to distribute their 1997, 11-song self-produced, self-titled demo to any other music industry insiders. O'Brien was the only music industry person to receive a copy of that limited edition CD.

"That CD was only for our listening purposes and as a showcase to potential music industry people that hey 'we've got some songs, here they are, now help us make the most out them,' said bassist Mark Savage, who -- while he understands people saying the band sounds like a combination between REM, Pearl Jam and the Beatles, believes Mother Bacchus has its own unique rock/alternative sound that can't be easily categorized.

"Basically, we had no idea what we were doing in the studio with the CD we produced," Savage added. "But the response to it has been tremendous. Like I said, the new one we're doing with Tom O'Brien at Big Zone, that's what I will consider our official demo when it's done in December. It's going to be unbelievable and you'll hear great backing vocals, beautiful piano, everything that showcases what a diverse range of talents this band has."

All P.R. requests can be made through Greg Lill at 215-739-7898 or call the band directly at 973-273-0820. Thank You.

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