Do you Feel the Flow?
lyrics by Honey Bane
musicians: 2
voice, keyboards and bass

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Baby, do you feel the flow?
Don't you just wanna let go of all that restricts you?
We're shrouded by life, it keeps us apart but
Ahhh how I miss you
Mortals that missed out before but
Now it's time to light the candle that illuminates the path

We can find a way

Distance though great is only distance
Love found it's way through from our other existence
A match made in heaven
With a second chance
To make it on earth
Now shown the right path

It's no mistake that we were born into this life together
What we have couldn't be any clearer
Baby, do you feel the flow?
Don't you just wanna let go?
Let all that energy dance with the rhythm of life

Just tell me I'm right
Coz I need you tonight and
Forever one day in my arms
Ahhh how I miss you....

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