Shiny Blue

humans: 2
instruments: voice, keyboards and bass

by Honey Bane


Through a veil of shiny blue
I see a characture of you
Bathed in your reflected light
I slow my pace and I close my eye's
You move closer
I lose my sight-but now I feel you.

I grasp the veil of shiny blue
Strip it away and look at you
Naked in the light of truth
You fake it with eternal youth
The pure and the impure dealt for proof
A double suited cartoon spoof.

Through a tear- a single splash
Ice forms in shapes of windows
Like crystal fountains that shoot like guns
Bending down you roll a red pebble
Cross your fingers and risk your rainbow
To crack the ice that hides the level
You trust and know
For what is safe and what is true
Should I shed a tear in the shiny blue?

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