In a Buzz, Stinger Thought... With a Little Help From a Friend


Hello... wake up!
Ya’ don't have to kick your feet and shout.

Open the shade?

There's an easier way to get through the same ole' in every day...
All ya’ have to do, to get on through, is open the shade.

Or Bee a stinger, and pierce...
The shade as to avail... a thin sheath.
Spreading wide and going deep.

We cast off immediate love gratification,
In search of monk status for an end.
The means to an end, it is all around U and I.

Kick immediate love gratification in the teeth,
Enduring loneliness as an investment in the future.

The true End, is only a long term end, not an immediate end...
But the means to a prosperous and fulfilling End.

We are all sweet dreamers, in a universal train of projected thought.
Bereft of pain and unnecessary suffering, sweet dreamers will endure.

Done... and undone.

Catch A Buzzzzzz

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