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Jackie Mittoo

Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Vendors

Evening Time

  1. Evening Time
  2. One Step Beyond
  3. Napoleon Solo
  4. Best By Request
  5. Love is Blue
  6. Hip Hug
  7. Hot Milk
  8. Autumn Sounds
  9. Full Charge
  10. Hot Shot
  11. Rock Steady Wedding
  12. Drum Song
  13. Loving You
  14. Dancing Groove

There are very few musicians of any style or era, whose appeal is such that it is safe to recommend them to anyone for enjoyment in personal performance or on record. Jackie Mittoo is such a musician.

Jackie "Soul" Mittoo's musical talents became apparent at a very early age. By the time he entered high school, Jackie was already a semi-professional. Jackie came to the attention of recording executive, Clement S. Dodd in Kingston, Jamaica, and while still in school, he worked as a staff musician for Coxsone Records, appearing as "side man" on many recording dates for that label.

It became obvious that one day Jackie would be ready to record under his own name. Soon after Jackie's first recording session was set, and at that first date, Jackie recorded "Ram-Jam". The rest is recorded history.

Next step was for Jackie to record an album, "Jackie In London", which enables him to reach out and bring his own way of playing a variety of tunes. During his appearance with the Coxsone's Rock Steady Revue in England, September 1967, the British fans were quick to acclaim Jackie and The Soul Vendors.

On this disc, "Evening Time", the arrangements were being made for the cool, cool of the evening, the parade of '68 fads.

Girls! Girls! in bikini, hipsters, mini in various colors, portable record players, have dominated the beaches, parks and other locations that offer musical entertainment. Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Vendors were first registered for participation in this summer's activities. THis sound is the kind of music that fans expect during the months of Summer in Jamaica.

Soul Beat! Rock Steady! Big Beat! Big Pleasure! that's wahy you get consistently, when you're hearing the SENSATIONAL SOUND called EVENING TIME.

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